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  1. Re: Format Edit Control with Spin Control, Leading Zeros

    A spin control also sends WM_VSCROLL to its parent. So, if you want to customize what is displayed in the buddy edit control, first remove UDS_SETBUDDYINT style (in the resource editor, put Set Buddy...
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    Re: Mystery of the Modeless Dialog

    It has no much sense to create a modeless dialog either using a locally defined smart pointer or instantiate a local object. In both cases it will be destroyed when goes out of function scope....
  3. Re: Auto-completion for the WINAPI in notepad++

    // "faster and intuitive" like anything is so simple that does not make a big deal. :)
    Definitely, Notepad++ is far away to be a better option.
  4. Re: Auto-completion for the WINAPI in notepad++

    ...and if you want a faster and more powerful IntelliSense (and not only), you can buy the Visual Assist tool.
    And of course, that's also for Visual Studio and not for the poor Notepad++.
  5. Re: Registering and inserting new Active-X control

    Have a look at ActiveX topics in MSDN:

    How to register an ActiveX control (.ocx) manually
    Viewing and Adding ActiveX Controls to a Dialog Box
    Creating an MFC ActiveX Control
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    Re: Reading registry Win32 SDK

    "Pure" raw Windows API registry functions are located in Advapi32.dll, according to MSDN documentation.
    For keeping MFC application settings under HKEY_CURRENT_USER, you can use CWinApp methods...
  7. Re: Strtok return weird character

    Another thing that can cause "weird" values seen in Watch window is trying to step into a Release configuration and/or having compiler optimization on.

    One additional remark: as long as you are...
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    Re: Using Slider Control in client area

    As Victor already said, if you have a form view (which is based on a dialog resource), you can easily put a slider as well as any other type of controls in its client area.
    Otherwise, put it in a...
  9. Re: How to link a static library struct to a user app ?

    To use a global variable in more than one translation unit, declare it in a header using extern specifier...

    // MyLib.h

    // ...

    extern sTensor g_tensor; // declaration

    ...and define it...
  10. Re: Why is Microsoft pushing Windows 10 so hard?

    Yes, probably The Big Blue has a special call center that still offers support for electric tabulating machines manufactured between the late XIX and early XX century years. :)
  11. Re: Why is Microsoft pushing Windows 10 so hard?

    Probably true, in your dreams.
    Don't worry, getting rid of them is not an insurmountable problem! :)
  12. Re: App(mfc) failing in Release build due to compiler optimization but works in debug

    DO NOT TRUST in what you see when step into a RELEASE build!
    Because of code optimization, wrong values may be shown.
    If you want to trace code also in RELEASE, use a logging system (e.g. write...
  13. Re: Confused about when I can use toolbox tools.

    You want to add a .Net Framework Component in an MFC Application project, which is NOT possible.
    To show a file open dialog in MFC, just use in your code a CFileDialog object.


  14. Re: how to code a menu item to invoke a form

    One aside note

    Probably you tried to use IMG tags for showing image files from your local computer. That's not working, for sure.
    Instead, when editing your post, use Insert Image button and...
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    Re: Wtl support for atl dll project

    Please, let me google that for you! :)
  16. Re: CMake unable to build a project when both vs2010 ultimate and express are install

    Quoted from

    IMO, if develop using Visual Studio, can get rid of third party stuff like CMake.
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    Re: CMenu ON_COMMAND problem

    Because pWnd parameter of CMenu::TrackPopupMenu identifies the window which receives the commands from that menu and you've set it to something else.

    Again, just handle WM_CONTEXTMENU in the...
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    Re: CMenu ON_COMMAND problem

    You've set the dialog's parent for receiving menu's commands.
    Anyway, for showing a floating context menu, instead of handling WM_RBUTTONDOWN or NM_RCLICK child notify, a better, easier and the...
  19. Re: How do i make a transparent richtextbox in visual c++ (visual studio express 2010

    If search for "RichEdit" and not for "richtextbox", for sure you'll find more C++ articles related to this subject.
    AFAIK, many of them are not 100% reliable but you can try.

    Alternatively, may...
  20. Re: Visual Studio 2013 console window doesn't stay open after I run my program

    What? No offense but this is a statement good for a non-programmer or for a programmer smoking a kind of bad grass. :)
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    Re: CString class in non-MFC static library

    "Third party"? Prefer saying MFC and ATL are C++ wrapper libraries over native Windows API.

    Probably, in a parallel world and a future life, we'll have a standard C++ supporting all native OS's...
  22. Re: Some use of syntax won't compile on Visual Studio 2010

    Correct! :thumb:
  23. Re: Some use of syntax won't compile on Visual Studio 2010

    That's what could happen when mixing STL and WinAPI.
    Somewhere in WinDef.h header file, there is the following macro definition

    #define max(a,b) (((a) > (b)) ? (a) : (b))

    and for...
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    Re: Edit and continue in VS2013

    Check Enable native Edit and Continue as well.

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    Re: File extension setup on CFileDialog

    Generally true, but in this case the zero index is used for preserving the filter pattern chosen by the user.
    See nFilterIndex and lpstrCustomFilter members of OPENFILENAME structure.
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