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  1. Thread: help

    by Septic

    Re: help

    This is the third thread all asking (essentially) the same question, with the same lack of information and descriptive title.
  2. Replies

    Re: compliing errors with timestamp code

    If you can use boost, there's the date_time_io:

    Otherwise, no; the standard C library is what you'll have to use.

  3. Re: Singleton vs Globals vs Alternatives (Best Practice, Design)

    Thanks for the clarification; it is as I suspected.

    I've seen the case of 'no globals whatsoever' result in some really nasty class interfacing & inheritance, which ends up making the code less...
  4. Re: Singleton vs Globals vs Alternatives (Best Practice, Design)

    But I would then have to store this HANDLE in the same namespace as the boolean value though; so it wouldn't provide any benefit (if anything, it's more work).

    And yes, this is cross-platform -...
  5. Singleton vs Globals vs Alternatives (Best Practice, Design)

    I'm trying to determine the best way of implementing a few things, but the key one is an 'application quitting' method. While this applies to many different projects in different ways, let me explain...
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    Suitable Hash-Table for IRC

    Hi all,

    I'm currently making an IRC client, and I'm trying to decide / develop the best hash algorthim to use for the message codes received.

    i.e. my parser will already have determined a...
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