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  1. Re: How Outlook show the Messenger Status?

    I post this link only to describe what I mean, it's not OL2007 specific, OL2003 have this feature too. (I guess 2002 too)
  2. Re: How Outlook show the Messenger Status?

    No, I mean the following:
    When I add an user who have an MSN adress to my outlook contacts I can see the status and I can open a message window with this contact. And I have no idea how this works....
  3. How Outlook show the Messenger Status?

    I have some questions about the messenger integration in Outlook:
    -How Outlook detect the MSN Messenger status from an contact?
    Send the Messenger some info to Outlook, ask Outlook the...
  4. Cannot recived data with POST from A Forum

    I want to make a search request in a forum (vBulletin) and display the result on a "HTML site" inside a Vista sidebar gatget. Here are my code snippets:

  5. USB explain a misunderstanding with WinUSB

    if I understand the WinUSB docu correct,

    "In Windows Vista, the Windows USB (WinUSB) mechanism enables you to manage USB devices with...
  6. Replies

    Spy Mousebuttons with LibUsb

    have someone any Idea how to spy mousebutton clicks (No, not the normal buttons, one of the extended buttons, my mouse have 7 of them) with LibUsb , maybe...
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    Re: IOCTL() convert to libusb

    thanks for you answer,
    but unfortunately, maybe i am totaly wrong, Win2000/WinXP block directly access to mouse devices, so i can use only functions for "Raw Input" (for example...
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    IOCTL() convert to libusb

    i want to access the LEDs from the logitech mice MX610 inside a windows application.
    I use Google and i found ONLY the following Linux code snippet:

    unsigned char command[6]={ 0x01,...
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