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  1. Need some clarification with a static class with static data members?


    To start off I have a header file with a class that holds static data and static data members. Something like this:

    class ImAClass
    static std::vector<A*>...
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    Re: problem returning a typedef type?

    Alright, thanks again for all of the help!

    Let's just see if I really understand this though. So, because I am using a function style macro to pass the type and because the standard library sqrt...
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    Re: problem returning a typedef type?

    Ok, thanks for the help Martin O. That fixed my problem, no problem.

    And no one wants two semi-colons on the same line, thanks for the tip!

    I'm still somewhat new to programming (about a year...
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    Re: problem returning a typedef type?

    Sorry for the confusion, I forgot to specify that I am using the standard library function for sqrtf. I didn't create a new sqrtf function.

    So when it calls my 'val_sqrt', it's really just looking...
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    problem returning a typedef type?

    Alright so I'm working on a project right now in which I have written the following code for easy transition between data types:

    //so that I can change the data type when I want to
  6. Re: Significance of 'return (int) msg.wParam'?

    Thanks for the help, that cleared things up for me.

  7. Re: (Direct3D v9) BackBufferFormat and resolution help?

    Sorry for the late reply, and thanks again for the help!

    I was indeed receiving a 0x00000005 error and found out that it was because my Direct3D device was not being created. This was because I...
  8. Significance of 'return (int) msg.wParam'?

    Hello. I am new to multithreading and was on my way through a simple tutorial when I ran across this line to end the primary thread.

    return (int) msg.wParam;

    I am used to ending my programs in...
  9. (Direct3D v9) BackBufferFormat and resolution help?

    I'll start off by saying that I am new to Direct3D and am about a year into C and C++. At the moment I am doing my best to learn how to use Direct3D for a game I will be creating next year and am...
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