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  1. Re: ListView groups with totals and subtotals

    Thank you.

    I find the solution
    ' Add a group with totals
    Dim TotalSum, TotalSum1 As Double
    Dim TempDbl As Double
    TotalSum = 0
    TotalSum1 = 0
    For Each...
  2. ListView groups with totals and subtotals


    I have a ListView with groups.
    Groups have columns with prices.

    How I can do subtotals and totals at the end of every column and any group?
    Any example?

    Thank you.
  3. how to pass dataset values to ReportViewer run time


    I am new to reports so....
    I want to show all my data from my sql table in ReportViewer run time.
    Can someone tell my what I have to do?

    I have this code already
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    Sending EMS SMS or Long SMS


    Does anyone know how to send a long SMS in Unicode_16Bit using ATSMS Library?

    I can send SMS with 70 chars long but how I can send longer SMS

    Thank you.
  5. Replies

    Send SMS with Greek Characters


    I am trying to fix one application for my business with Visual Basic 2010.
    With this application i am retrieving some records from my sql server 2008
    and put them in a datagrid. There I add...
  6. Re: New page after subreport finish printing

    Thank you for your help...

    I just solve the problem.
  7. New page after subreport finish printing


    I am new in Crystal Reports and I am using the 8.5 version of crystal.

    I have made a report with 2 subreports, how i can make my report
    when the subreport end printing to add a new page?
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    Barcode Printing


    I have a report tha print quantity and Barcode number

    How I can make this report to print so many times the
    Barcode number as is the value of quantity?

    For example if the quantity is 4...
  9. Re: Report print many pages as the line details

    I check for New Page Before or New Page After but there is none.
    And in the main report and in the subreport
  10. Report print many pages as the line details


    I have a main report and in the detail section i have a subreport.
    The subreport retrive some data in the detail section.

    That force the main report print so many pages as the lines from...
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    Re: Three pages on a sheet

    I find the solution....

    I create a new crystal and I insert in the header three times the same report as subreport.

    That it.

    Thank you all :)
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    Three pages on a sheet


    I make one crystal report 8.5 form with height 9.8mm.

    I want to print the same form with the same details three times on a A4 page.

    How I can do that?

    I try to make a paper with this...
  13. [RESOLVED] Three group with two details.

    I am using crystal reports 11.
    I am newbie in crystal reports and I want to make something like this
    Group 1
    Group 2
    Group 3
    End Group 3
    End Group 2
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