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  1. Re: unable to handle dynamically added usercontrol events

    thnx for your replies and time guys really thanx...i went through all your posts and links...and i found the mistake..the problem was the postback..the control was not loaded on postback and i loaded...
  2. [RESOLVED] unable to handle dynamically added usercontrol events

    guys i hav a user control which has its own events defined in itself.
    it works fine when i add the user control in page_load method of a page ,then the usercontrol defined event handling methods...
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    unable to retain the viewstate

    guys i a m trying to build a webpage using c# as language in

    page consist of a button and i want is that when i click on that button a new textbox is added to the page dynamically on...
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    KeyData to KeyValue ?

    how can we convert a Keys.KeyData to key code any suggestions .....:wave:
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    Re: Problem with CreateGraphics()

    hey jus make a temp buffer image and save your data on it and repaint it again
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    problem in creating a dll

    hey guys i m trying to create a dll of a function so that i can use it in my c# program ..but on running the program an error occurs of

    Debug error
    runtime check failiure no 2 : stack around...
  7. unable to write at the specified file pointer

    hey guys i m trying to write at a specified sector on a fat32 drive..
    i m able to read from any sector by setfilepointer but wheen i write after moviing the pointer it still writes on the starting...
  8. Re: get starting sector of a file on a fat32 drive

    thnx a lot for the rep;yy
  9. get starting sector of a file on a fat32 drive

    hi guys can anyone provide me with any code to get the starting sector of a file on disk drive...i want to read the file using low level sector read and modify the file attributes..but on a fat32 or...
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    capturing explorer events

    how can we capture the file name and path that is selected in my computer or explorer in windows normally in our program...plz any way i fthere plz tell i really need it
  11. Re: urgent ----exception problem anyone solution

    file stram does not support reading win32 devices so we cant use the way we have to use createf ile and the seeeking function still not giving any solution.....does any one knows how to p/invoke...
  12. Re: urgent ----exception problem anyone solution

    87 The parameter is incorrect. ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER

    this is the msg ....still i m nt able to figure out
  13. urgent ----exception problem anyone solution

    hey any one tell me the solution to the exception generated lpt.write line ...

    using System.IO;
    using Microsoft.Win32.SafeHandles;
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    Re: unknown argument problem

    actualy m trying to read physical drive not files
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    Re: unknown argument problem

    actualy m trying to read physical drive not files
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    unknown argument problem

    hey guys in this program i am trying to access the writefile function by pinvoke but the last argument of the function is i m not able to figure out any one help plz...

    using System.IO;
  17. raw disk sector read and write in java

    hey guys can anyone tell me is it possible to raw read and write disk sectors by java.......
  18. change the control value from cpp file

    hey any one can tell me how to change the value of any control say a comboBox in a win32 forms project from the source cpp file as the form is created in a .h file and control is added in the .h file...
  19. Re: plzzzz help me with this prg any one ....urgent

    hey man....thanx a hell lot are the saviour ..thnx a lot..u solved the prob
  20. exception during raw disk write ........plz help

    hey guys any one plz help me i would be highly thankful...avtually i a m trying to read and write raw disk sectors using vc++.i am able to read properly but as i write i get an exception which i am...
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