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  1. Re: DatagridView column order in C# 2005

    yea i did that as well . but still column order is changed. strange thing is when first time this problem came that was on main form only, but now column order is changed on all forms that have...
  2. DatagridView column order in C# 2005

    I am using DatagridView bound with db table. column order of datagrid view is changed automatically . what can be the problem ? i set colunm order using edit colunm option . but it is changed...
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    Re: arrays&pointers

    unsigned char c[5];

    int arr[2][5] = { {1, 2, 3, 4 , 5}, {5, 6, 7, 8, 9}};
    int* const & p = arr[0];
    int* const * pp = &p;

    int *a = (int *)pp[0];
    for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)
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    Re: programming for USB link

    i think you have to write drivers for communication between two PC's through USB.
  5. Re: Returning a const char * pointer from C++ to C#?

    you can try bye array(Byte []) in C# to receive char * from C++
  6. Re: How to check the socket connectivity status at the client socket in MFC

    well for continuous monitoring of socket you can use timer that will periodically check status of socket , or you can use thread to monitor socket continuously.
  7. Re: How detect Ethernet Failure using CSocket

    well i had also suffered from the same problem , i could not find any solution provided by CSocket to detect network disconnection, or if network cable is unplugged, so depending upon the...
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    Re: question regarding sockets

    After running server you should check by telnet that does your server accept connection,

    run server then go to command prompt and write command like this , telnet IP Port , if here it is...
  9. Re: Thread pool for many CLIENT connections.

    well if you want to use IOCP to write a server , then follow these steps.

    1- Create IO completion port
    2- Create Server Socket
    3- Start listening
    4- when Client is connected...
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    Re: TreeCtrl with ProgressBar

    Location for drawing progress bar is taken from the location of respective tree node in front of which it has to be displayed. i handled WM_VSCROLL, in which i iterated tree to know the loaction of...
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    Re: TreeCtrl with ProgressBar

    I placed a tree control(CTreeCtrl) on a dialog. tree control is scrollable. in front of some tree nodes a progress bar(CProgressBar) is displayed. now when tree grows in size scroll bar appears, when...
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    using Microsoft CryptoAPI in C#

    i am using Microsoft CryptoAPI in C#. i am facing problem on Windows server 2003. the scenario is server side is using CryptoAPI in VC++ while client side is using CryptoAPI imported in C#. client...
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    TreeCtrl with ProgressBar

    i am using CTreeCtrl where each parent node may have child nodes more than one. now i am showing progress bar in front of tree nodes. i have used TreeCtrl on dialog. now when i scroll tree control ,...
  14. Crypto API on Dot Net Compact Framework

    I am application for Dot Net CF.i need to encrypt/decrypt is client application while server runs on desktop PC.Server uses crypto API for encryption/decryption.i need to import session...
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    IOCP client on pocket pc

    i have developed server using IOCP that runs on desktop pc now i want to develop client that can run on wince plateform.there is encryption used on server side using crypto API.i want to use...
  16. Re: IO Completion Port library testing

    sorry i could not clear to you my question.infact ...

    i want to create such a environment inwhich bulk of IO operations are given to the library to test its capacity that how much IO operations...
  17. Re: IO Completion Port library testing

    thanks for reply

    i developed small client and server applications using IOCP library.Now i want to test this library for load that how much load it can can i do that
  18. IO Completion Port library testing

    hi every body
    i m new to IOCP. i have library that is developed for socket communication using winsock and IOCP, how can i test that lib for the scenario when client sends too many messages and...
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