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    simulating an href link with WebRequest

    I have a question about simulating the "<a hfer=..." Html tag behaviour in a C# application.

    i have a web page "A" which I can get normally using a browser . This page has a link (...
  2. Re: Dealing with WM_DESTROY while terminating a thread

    Because I am not just doing UI related stuff.... I have a worker thread that works behind the scenes and the UI shows some counters and other dynamic info about this work.
  3. Dealing with WM_DESTROY while terminating a thread

    I have a small thread that I need to terminate when I send WM_CLOSE to it . I am following the MSDN directives to deal with this problem , that is I set the wnd procedure of the thread like...
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    Re: Problems with BeginReceive Callback

    Hi TheGreatCThulhu, thank you for answering .

    I have to apologize 'cause I have just realized that I simply passed the wrong argument.:blush:
    Sorry for the annoyance, and thank you again.
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    Re: code doesn`t work in win xp but works win 7

    Just an opinion, I am far from being an expert but, did you check the .net framework version installed on Win Xp ? if it's older than the one on Win 7 , try to upgrade it to the same version and see...
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    Problems with BeginReceive Callback

    Hi everybody

    I am dealing with a strange problem when closing a socket connection. I am using an asynchronous receive and I specified, as is MSDN's suggestion, a user-defined object as the last...
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