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  1. PHP Re: php mysql generating list of having birthday next x days

    did not work.

    Dit some trying and asking and came with the following query :

    select pers_id, pers_voornaam, pers_tussenvoegsel,pers_achternaam, pers_meisjesnaam, pers_plaats, pers_gebdat,...
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    xHTML Re: hiding e-mail addresses

    Use & # 0 0 6 4 ; (without the spaces) instead of @
  3. PHP [RESOLVED] php mysql generating list of having birthday next x days

    I try to make a list of people that are having their birthdays for a certain period of time.
    I have the birthdate in a datefield in mysql, how can I get a resultset of people that will have birthday...
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    Re: Recommend good hacker / security books?

    Did you try the articles and missions on ?
    On that site I learnt a lot about how not to build my sites.
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    Re: Question about using php object oriented

    Just apart from the "getting something that exists" vs "building it yourself" :

    How are you coding without objects and classes, all inline ?
    In that case your code will not be reusable very easy,...
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    PHP (Zend FW) Objects hierarchy question

    I am building a kind of personinfo application on the Zend Framework and am not sure where to put some objects where.
    I have the following entities :
    Persons (inherits from Families)...
  7. Re: key up triggered twice for one keystroke

    Found it, I had also code that cought the event for the form

    private void frmBoeking_KeyUp(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
    if (Convert.ToInt16(e.KeyCode) ==...
  8. Re: key up triggered twice for one keystroke

    No, on F2 or F5 in the grid from the mainform the frmArtikel will show

    On a double click in a cell of the grid in frmArtikel causes frmArtikel to close
    The code for mainform and form frmArtikel...
  9. [RESOLVED] key up triggered twice for one keystroke

    I have this datagridview called dgSubregels on my form.
    Editmode is set on EditOnEnter

    If I press the F2 or F5 key in a certain cell (subArtcode = 2) this should be triggered.
    In that case a...
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    How to ocr this with known font

    I used to do this with pixelcompare, but the position of the textwindow can be altered, so that does not work anymore. I have a ttf file, so I know what font they use.
    Problem is also they have...
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    Re: [HTML] PopUP HTML Code Problem in I.E.8

    Make a floating div instead of a popup
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    Re: PHP - writing content and code

    Dont bother with wysiwyg editors for html, most of them just generate a lot of overhead code.
    For the php editor I would recommend Eclipse with the php and html plugin.
    There you will have coloured...
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    Re: VB6 with MS Access

    And access has a limited number of connections at the same time.
    Theoretical is is 255, but in practice it is a lot lower.
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    Re: Visual basic and sql

    Do you see any differences in the immediate window if you ask the value of SQL_Insert ?
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    Re: Myspace-Like HTML Stripping

    Only allow a certain range of html tags that can run without parameters
    Than you can use regular expressions to check if the tags are clean.

    Because you have to avoid these type of entries

  16. Re: problem in sending mail through mail function in php

    This means it does work but is not allowed, because the server does not allow that gmail address as sender.
    Try using a valid email adres with the domain of the website.
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    Re: JavaScript and I/O

    And that server is also a webserver ? what OS / webserver ?
    Because you need the webserver to read the data (could be through using a DLL) and pass it to the client (again might be best using ajax)...
  18. Re: problem in sending mail through mail function in php

    Note: When sending mail, the mail must contain a From header. This can be set with the additional_headers parameter, or a default can be set in...
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    Re: JavaScript and I/O

    hardware of the server or the client ?
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    Re: Removing the last two lines of a RichTextBox

    Why not split on crlf, redim the upperbound-2 and join on crlf again ?
    Would be a lot faster
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    Re: Senior game designer - online games

    Not Found
    The requested URL /index.php...job&job_id=971 was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the...
  22. Re: 70K - 100K PHP - Philippines MANILA (NCR) Area Only

    70k-100k pesos -> only 1500 - 2000 $
    Or is that salary for a day ?
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    Re: JavaScript and I/O

    Dont know what you exact want, but my first guess would be to use Ajax.
    Please provide some more details
  24. Re: How to translate large string between languages?

    Did you take the server limit in account ?
    Most servers are configurated to a max of 1-2 MB for post, and same for upload size.

    You could try to upload it to a webserver and use the url from that...
  25. Re: PHP and Classes - OO - Accessing other classes

    Create an instance of address in the person class

    class address{

    private $addressline1;
    private $addressline2;
    private $suburb;
    public $operson;
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