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  1. Re: [beginner] Include problems tidying up code

    Post some code that demonstrates the problem or I don't think anyone can figure out what the problem is.
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    Re: new delete question

    I don't want it to do more. I want it to do less. Basically I just want automatic disposal of my temp buffers. <vector> was around when Bjarne S. wrote The C++ Programming Language 3rd ed. and...
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    Re: new delete question

    The way to automate disposal is to make a Buffer object as Bjarne S. does in The C++ Programming Language.

    Rather than post copyrighted material from the book, here's one I threw together just...
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    Re: Programmatically Close MsgBox/Form

    Easiest way may be to simulate a mouse click on the OK button after the time-out, or just send the Enter key if OK is the default button.

    For mouse click see PostMessage() and WM_LBUTTONDOWN and...
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    Re: Running programs simultaneously

    If the slave processes are also written by you, then you can have them communicate their status instead of creating a new thread just to wait. For example, by using messages. If you are using...
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    Re: COM/Dll Issues

    Did you get a .tlb file with the COM files? Sometimes the type library info is in a .tlb file.
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    Re: C++ style checker

    If not using the IDE real-time lint then I'd check out this free one:

    It's a command line app. You input the source with param which style to output.
    It has...
  8. Re: Does this excluding other instances method require synchronization?

    So your unique name is going to be "unique_name" ?
    I don't understand what you're talking about with randomizing names.

    If you are going to limit your app to a single instance then 99% of the...
  9. Re: Does this excluding other instances method require synchronization?

    For best results use a Guid string constant generated by a tool and pasted in for the name.
    They are legal for kernel object names.


    Don't use a...
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    Re: the "Open" Icon

    The Windows dlls have icons if you know the index number. Google for Windows Dll icons.
    One that has icons is Shell32.dll but there are a bunch. You should be able to find a guide or at least a...
  11. Re: App downloaded file being cached somewhere…

    Thanks for posting what you found. That may be handy in the future as not all implementations have the little "add ons" that scripting languages stick in there. :)
  12. Re: App downloaded file being cached somewhere…


    I've used the function in AutoHotKey which prevents fetching from the cache by default. According to their docs you can stick a star '*' then a...
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    Re: Does error checking make code look ungly?

    Since AfxMessageBox() returns an int you could change your function from void to int return type. Then get a single line exit by

    if(! result)
    return AfxMessageBox(ErrorMsg)

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    Re: C++ while loop

    Instead of trying to fix invalid input, it's generally better to give an error message and quit. It's not sensible to do a calculation on 470 degrees that's really 110 degrees. It just causes...
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    Re: Unique buffer per thread

    How about something like this?

    template<class T>struct Buff {
    size_t size;
    T* t;

    Buff() : size(0),t(0) {}
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    Re: New to OOP, please Help

    The trouble with polymorphism, is you need to anticipate in the base class all the stuff you will need to do through a base class pointer, in the derived classes. iow virtual functions. You can...
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    Re: Returning vectors from functions

    Afa the passing of arrays out of functions instead of using an STL container you could code or find an autoarray_ptr template. If you look in The C++ Programming Language, auto_ptr was provided to...
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    Re: Function Template

    You have to plug in an actual type at some point instead of just Type T for the compiler to generate code. Otherwise it's like using variables that are never assigned a value. 2 * x is what if...
  19. Re: what is maximum num of threads use in application?

    Instead of creating a thread to handle each job in the list you may want to consider having the UI thread as the "producer" and a worker thread as the "consumer". In this scenario the UI thread gets...
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    Re: Function Template

    I haven't tried it to see if it's implemented in vc++ 2010 but for grins you
    can try the declaration as shown here:;2B%2B0x#Extern_template
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    Re: Simulate key strokes

    Even more difficult in c++ is anything to do with a hotkey featuring the mouse. Suck as Winkey Click or something like that. For macro stuff the only language I found on Windows that actually grabs...
  22. Re: Request: Win32 in C++ Project Ideas : Beginner

    I don't know what tool set you have, but if you are using vc++ 2010 Express you may be interested in this:

    It's a free resource editor...
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    Re: Getting error LNK 2005

    Change the compiler switch to /MT instead of /MD and you won't have the c run time library dependency. For the graphics stuff see about delay loading the .dll and add the lib to the command line...
  24. Re: [RESOLVED] Main app icon mostly for Vista but also compatible with XP

    Thanks for the info. I'm trying IcoFX. Looks good for a donation-ware. I'll know more when I try to create my own with it. So far I've just created from an existing image.
  25. Re: Main app icon mostly for Vista but also compatible with XP

    Can you say what tool you are using? I've been using SimplyIcon but it seems to max out at 48 or 64 pixels. I'm looking for a Vista compatible icon maker that generates from a .png image.
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