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  1. Specifying address of member function template problem

    Attempting to take the address of a member function template succeeds when the enclosing class is hardcoded but fails when it is passed to a template. The code:

    struct AType
  2. Interface operator bug or feature with implicit/explicit cast ?

    An interface in C++/CLI can have operators as static functions of the interface. If I code an implicit cast operator for an interface the compiler accepts it:

    // VC9ClrConsoleApplication.cpp :...
  3. C++/CLI operators in ref classes and interface classes

    In C++/CLI if I add an operator to an interface class and implement that interface in a ref class, the operator is not recognized for the ref class. But if I add an operator to a base ref class and...
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    Re: vector:erase iterator requirements

    It has been explained to me elsewhere that because one can always get an iterator from a reverse_iterator, using the reverse_iterator::base() member function, there is no need to have erase also take...
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    Re: vector:erase iterator requirements

    I believe you misunderstand the reverse_iterator. This is because the actual elements "pointed to" by the reverse_iterator are just as valid as the elements "pointed to" by the normal "iterator" no...
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    Re: vector:erase iterator requirements

    I guess the question is really why the 'erase' functions are specified in terms of only iterator and not in terms of reverse_iterator also. After all a reverse_iterator will position the end-user...
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    vector:erase iterator requirements

    In the two forms of vector::erase:

    iterator erase(iterator position);
    iterator erase(iterator first, iterator last);

    can the 'iterator' mentioned be a vector::const_iterator,...
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    CLS-compliance with C++/CLI

    The CLSCompliant attribute does not work in C++/CLI. You can see my report on this some time ago at...
  9. File associations in .Net framework library

    Is there any .Net framework classes which deal in file associations ? I am looking for the .Net equivalent of the Win32 shell functions "AssocQueryString" and "FindExecutable".
  10. C++ Stack Semantics for Reference Types oddity

    In the MSDN article on "C++ Stack Semantics for Reference Types" it says that:

    "A compiler-generated assignment operator will follow the usual standard C++ rules with the following additions:

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    Event methods accesibility

    According to the CLS specification, the accessibility of the methods for adding, removing, and raising an event must be identical. There appear to be a few problems with this:

    1) According to the...
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