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  1. Win2008 UDP sockets throw WSAENETRESET error after some minutes working fine.


    I'm facing a problem with the use of UDP sockets running on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 64 bits (processor is Dual-Core).
    Two different software modules, one writen in VC++ 6.0, the...
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    Re: Sending UDP Raw socket


    I was wrong: :blush:

    If source IP is my own it works under WinXP.

    But, then again:
    Is there any way to get Mathew's code working with a different source IP under WinXP after SP2?
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    Re: Sending UDP Raw socket

    Hello, Mathew!

    I get your code working perfectly on Windows 2000. :thumb:
    Thank you very much.

    But when I run it on Windows XP (SP3), the 'sendto' function fails with error 10004.

    I've read...
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    Retrieve network interface status

    Hola everybody!

    I'm writting an MFC VC++ 6.0 application and it needs to retrieve the network interface status.
    I mean, for example: When you first connect your laptop to a WiFi network you get...
  5. Re: A folder's file count. (How do I know how many files has a folder?)



    That is exactly what I needed!

    Thank you very much indeed!

    Best regards,
  6. A folder's file count. (How do I know how many files has a folder?)

    Hi there!

    The application I'm writting has to notify (via UDP) whenever a new file has been added to a specified folder.

    How do I know that a new file has been added to the folder?

    I suppose...
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    Re: Why this Error?

    The cause for your problem is this:

    The compiler attempts to use a precompiled header generated by a C++ compiler on a C source file. This can happen when "Per-File Use of Precompiled Headers" is...
  8. Re: ESP not properly saved (DLL calling an exe's object function).

    You may find interesting some more information about that el pointer:
    As I told you it is a pointer to a CClientThread object (CEventListener interface).
    Here you have the code where it is declared...
  9. ESP not properly saved (DLL calling an exe's object function).

    Hi gurus,

    I'm stress-testing an application of mine.
    This application is a service, so it has to be able to support quite a heavy loan of work.
    It is installed and working fine at several...
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    Sending WM_COPY message to IE.

    Hello gurus,

    In short: :)
    Sending WM_COPY message from my app to Word, Excel or Notepad works. But sending it to Internet Explorer, Firefox or Outlook Express does not work: the clipboard...
  11. SDK sockets: recv=-1 BUT WSAGetLastError=0 (???)

    Hi everyone!

    Something weird is happening with an application of mine:
    It works OK on any computer but on one (I have nearly one hundred installations made, up and running) :confused:
  12. Re: Urgent: changing proxy settings programmatically

    You can have a look on this code by Youngjin Kim. I found it very useful to manage WinXP Firewall:

    Best greetings,

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    Re: Application name in XP firewall settings

    This code by Youngjin Kim is incredibly useful to manage WinXP Firewall: You can try it out:

    Best greetings,

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    Re: Thread-safe Queue class somewhere?

    Thank you so much, Kirants!
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    Thread-safe Queue class somewhere?

    I need a thread-safe queue (FIFO).
    One of the methods have to be a blocking "Dequeue" (like "recv" in SOCKET).

    I'm about to start this implementation, but I think it's something so common that it...
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    Re: Crappy Windows 9x

    Hi mmalling!
    If you finally solved the problem, could you please post it? I'm trying to use this function, and though I program on Win2k, I need it working on Win9x too.
    Thank you!
  17. Re: Socket does not receive UDP packet with source address

    Hi Mathew!

    Thank you for your interest.
    This is all about auto-configuration of the IP address of a device made by the company I work for: When you first connect it to a subnet, that device has...
  18. Thread: FTP :: Anyone?

    by Xanblax

    Re: FTP :: Anyone?

    I think that the MFC classes CInternetSession, CFtpConnection & CFtpFileFind would help you a lot.

    A little example:

    CInternetSession sess;

    CFtpConnection* pConnect = NULL;

  19. Socket does not receive UDP packet with source address

    My problem is that I want a socket in my application to receive an UDP packet whose source address is or (subnet mask I've tried both with the MFC...
  20. SHGetSpecialFolderLocation(NULL,CSIDL_NETWORK,&pid...

    SHGetSpecialFolderLocation(NULL,CSIDL_NETWORK,&pidl) will work for Windows 95 / 98
    SHGetFolderLocation only worked with WindowsMe or higher.
  21. Little correction

    If you select a computer with the code supplied SHGetPathFromIDList (pidl,szDir) will return FALSE.
    So, to get the computer name selected you will have to look at pszDisplayName parameter of...
  22. Computer browse should start at "Network Neighborhood".

    Interesting hint:

    If you ask for browsing computers it makes no sense to start browsing at the SHBrowseForFolder default path, which is <user name>\Desktop. It would be much more elegant to start...
  23. Have you tried a non-modal dialog?

    I got to do a similar thing to what you are trying, but the dialog I opened while a main window was hidden ( ShowWindow(SW_HIDE) ) was non-modal ( instead of calling CDialog::DoModal() you call the...
  24. Is there a Windows API function to get the "fading window to sytemtray" effect?

    I've written a resident chat app similar to microsoft messeger, so that its icon is at system tray and if you ask the app to close, it just fades out to that icon.
    To get that fading I've used a...
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    DataGrid does not update mdb file

    I'm first trying to use ADO.NET and C#. I try to connect a simple mdb Daba Base to a DataGrid control, and everything works OK, but any change I make to the table I see is not upodated into the...
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