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  1. Re: What is the hardest topic to study for CCNA?

    Routing protocol is a little difficult than others because sometimes it is very difficult to understand basic things of this.
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    Re: How to define global variables

    As far as I remember, Global variabls are those variables that are defined before declaration of the main() function.

    int i; //Global variable
    void main()
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    What is programmed in C-sharp?

    I just need a little help with a short paper on C#;

    so, I was wondering, specifically, what kind of things are programmed in C# and can you provide

    examples? Thanks
  4. How do I fix an XML issue with Yahoo Mail?

    I am getting an XML error message trying to open up my mail. I would love to copy and paste the actual message, but the text is not copyable.This problem occurs with my friends as well but they also...
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    Re: CSS code affecting my whole web page

    Of course there will be errors in your code and you should check this through the compatibility software of browsers then you can get all of the errors.
  6. Need to be Creative and artistic to go into graphic designing?

    Question is that if some one is not creative in designing , can he be good designer. I am not so creative nor can i draw. just wondering if it's possible for me to major in graphic designing. thank...
  7. Using Ajax, how do I stop returned data from effecting other elements on the page?

    I have a simple email subscription form that uses Ajax to return a thank you message when someone enters their details. The thank you appears above the form but at the moment it effects the forms...
  8. What's the difference between GET and POST AJAX requests?

    I've always done GET requests regardless, but I think I should probably look into it :P .

    The first question is if GET can be used for passwords. I know that it's generally considered best...
  9. How to create Ajax like applications for offline use?

    The most basic part for the Ajax applications is that there is no need to refresh page. Like Google suggest. I want to build an windows application on any language which can provide search features...
  10. I want help in c sharp programming language?

    I dont have an idea in this program
    i wanted to know that how to copy form one file to another file using c sharp
    programming please help me
  11. C sharp programming- what does the ? symbol do?

    in c sharp programming language what does the ? symbol do?
    i saw it used in an example like :
    hour = ((h >= 0 && h< 24) ? h : 0 );
    and i have no idea what the question mark symbol means here
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    I need help with C sharp Programming?

    I'm still a beginner with this language and still learning, I just have a question. I am using Microsoft visual c sharp, its a small simple program that tells what color is made when you mix primary...
  13. Where can i get sample questions in c sharp programming to practice for my exam?

    I am doing a computer course and they asked me predict the output questions for my last module test
  14. In Visual Basic 6, how do I load and execute an interface project?

    Hi All! I am a beginner to Visual Basic 6 and have just developed a small interface project. After having designed a simple menu, how di I load and execute the initial interface? Which command should...
  15. Is Visual Basic 6 a program or a programming language?

    I heard that it was a language, but I keep seeing things about how to use a program called Visual Basic 6. Can you help me straight out the differences?
  16. What is the sample visual basic 6 codes in capturing biometrics fingerprint

    What is the complete sample visual basic 6 codes in capturing biometrics fingerprint and saving to a folder for retrieval and verifications?
  17. Re: How important is math for a middle schol student that persists in a career in pro

    Thanks i will try
  18. Thread: New here

    by Anna Hussie

    New here

    I am new here and want to learn things but specially graphic related.
  19. How important is math for a middle schol student that persists in a career in program

    How important is math for a middle school student that persists in a career in programming or graphic design? I have The most hate for math at school, i can almost guarantee that i will never use the...
  20. Which software for a beginner person to enter the world of information technology

    Hi, guys!
    I just bought a new laptop for a nephew and would like to install some useful programs on it, something that may make him more interested in computing and sofware (programming, graphic...
  21. What major to take for graphic PROGRAMMING?

    I know all about the graphic design major but that's not what I'm looking for. I've been looking into graphics programming for video-games lately and can't seem to figure out what major to take or...
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