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    C++ Web Service Authentication Problem

    Hello Everyone!
    Fist of all: Very Nice Forum! Found a lot of Help here already, but this time I have to post my Problem, because I could not find a solution by searching the forum.

    Here we go:
  2. Re: Radio Button problem with WM_NEXTDLGCTL

    Whatever that does,

    ::PostMessage(m_hWnd, 0x128, MAKEWPARAM(0x2, 0x1), 0);


    Thank you very much!!
  3. Re: Radio Button problem with WM_NEXTDLGCTL

    Thanks, but none of those did the trick!

    I found out that the rectangles appear, if i press the TAB key at least once before i come to the radio buttons with ENTER. Really strange. Maybe i can...
  4. [RESOLVED] Radio Button problem with WM_NEXTDLGCTL

    Hi There!

    I have the following Problem:

    I have a dialog box with several text controls followed by two radio buttons for a selection. If i use the TAB key to jump from one input field to the...
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    Re: Strange CListCtrl Sort Behaviour

    Hi Mike

    Thanks a lot!
    That works now!
    The forgotten return has not solved the problem, but the "SetItemData" thingie.

    I have already filled the SetItemData during building up the list, but...
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    [RESOLVED] Strange CListCtrl Sort Behaviour

    Hi There!

    First of all, thank you all for your participation i this board! I am watching it frequently and it has helped me many many times by now!

    This is the first time I encounter a problem,...
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