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  1. Re: Hi i have a form and i want to know how to save pictures to it?

    mwahaha.. I guess I misunderstood the question completely. I thought an app prints images that needed to be saved :)
  2. Re: execute shell script present in unix box and ftp the files to windows machine via

    Don't know anything of the unix/solaris box. If you can use win32api there's a bunch of sample code to use wininet functions like InternetConnect, InternetOpen, FtpGetFile, FtpPutFile. You can loop...
  3. Re: Hi i have a form and i want to know how to save pictures to it?

    I agree with DataMiser about the way you load and show your image. But if you really need to do the job this way you probably will have a hard time.
    A window has a handle (hWnd). That handle could...
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    Re: HEX Overflow error 6

    don't know what you want to do but 59219 * 61456 is too much for a Long
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    Re: How do you bring a window to the front

    If your window does not contain A SetFocus Method you should use win32api

    There are several methods (depending on what you like):

    Private Declare Function BringWindowToTop Lib "user32.dll"...
  6. Re: sort a field in listview items by letter by letter entered in textbox txtsearch

    To do this you need win32 api, it's not hard, not easy:
    Your sort function contains something like this (sample is for date sorting, but you can change it for other datatypes):

    On sort:...
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    Re: Keep A Window in Focus (SetFocus)

    I know this thread is expired for a long time, but since I have searched the internet for this topic and did not find a proper solution I thought to write down the method I found. This solution is...
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