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  1. Re: [RESOLVED] HELP : converting a decimal number given by the user to binary using C

    Helping you would be a very bad idea, because it appears you did not try on your own to devise a plan how to tackle the problem.

    I can provide some links though:...
  2. Re: How to use Visual Studio 2010 to compile dos programs?

    You can't even compile binaries for windows 2000 with VS2010.
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    Re: How long is your build?

    13 hours... whoa. An operating system?

    I really hope you guys enable the the /MP compiler option.
    It used to have a lot of bugs, but multithreaded compilation is pure win with later versions of...
  4. Re: Using one thread at a time with CSemaphore problem

    If the amount of items that you plan to add isn't huge, also consider this as an alternative:
  5. Re: Using one thread at a time with CSemaphore problem

    I'm glad it helped.

    However, for the special case when you need to protect against concurrent access (i.e. exactly one thread is allowed), consider using a critical section instead of semaphore....
  6. Re: Using one thread at a time with CSemaphore problem

    WaitForSingleObject(ghSemaphore, 0L);

    This will not wait, it returns immediately. If your intention is to wait, use INFINITE as a parameter instead of 0.

    If your intention is to do something...
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    Re: C++ Beginner Help

    Hi there.

    In most programming languages repeated actions are accomplished using loops. The loops are possible to exit based on a condition. I suggest you Google for "C++ loops"...

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    Re: MFC- receiving Button-Click-Message failed

    The PreTranslateMessage function is a strong suspect. Try removing it and see what happens.

    Another source of problems could be the splitter window.
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    Re: C++ Beginner Help

    +1 to what Kaud said. When we say "cheating", we mostly refer to that you would be fooling yourself into believing that you actually learnt something, when you in fact did not.
  10. Re: How to raise priority of MIDI input callbacks? Thread pools etc.

    According to my observations, the OS allocates a minimum of 1 time slice per second to a thread even if it is a low priority thread and other high prio threads want to fully load all cores.

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    Re: More CopyFile Problems

    The typical way to deal with a problem like this is to write an app that only performs the CopyFile stuff in question and nothing else, and check whether it works.

    If it does work, strip out parts...
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    Re: Installing FLTK on VS 2013

    If you download a library such as FLTK, you should not put those files in the visual studio folder.

    Instead you change your project settings to add an include path that contains the files you...
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    Re: My binary tree class

    I don't have time to comment on the algorithm, but some generic tips before submitting any code:

    * Check for repeated code and repeated calculations that you can optimize to make it more readable....
  14. Re: How to make a shape outside of the main() function

    So you don't get this error if you move it into the main()?
    The only reason I can think of is that win.attach() does not copy the object, but rather stores a reference or pointer to it.

    Does the...
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    Re: How do I step into SDK source?

    At least in theory, you take the source files and add them to your project, and you also remove the lib file.

    In practice however, you may find that it is not so easy to get everything working...
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    Re: The simplest way to print...

    I suggest you make a system service.

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    Re: Problem with initializing auto variables

    Sorry to hear that. If there is a new compile error you need to post it, otherwise it will be difficult to help.

    Based on this page:...
  18. Re: C++ fill color in shapes using FLTK doesn't work for circles

    If it is the exact same IDE/compiler (please note that you may have the same IDE but a different compiler version), and the exact same FLTK version, then all I can think of is that your graphics...
  19. Re: How to make a shape outside of the main() function

    Send a reference to the window to your function.

    void cir(Simple_window &win) { Circle c(Point(100,100),50); win.attach(c); }

    int main()
    Simple_window win(Point(100,100),600,400,...
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    Re: Problem with initializing auto variables

    If you read the message, it has nothing to do with the "auto", but rather the input parameter of find.

    I'm not sure how you construct an encoded_string, but something like this:

    auto it =...
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    Re: help with this code

    It looks like you are attempting to use one or more secondary files for the calculations.
    Not good... the normal way of doing it would be to use a std::map to map each word to its count.

    Also you...
  22. Thread: [help] game dev

    by zerver

    Re: [help] game dev

    GCDEF is right in the sense that it is hard to acquire deep understanding of C++ using only the web.
    Even if you have a good teacher, there are many, many pitfalls.
    You may end up thinking that you...
  23. Re: Excel Project to C++ with line moving (drag & drop)

    This type of project is (maybe) better suited for Excel.

    But if you still want to try it, here is a good article:...
  24. Re: C++ fill color in shapes using FLTK doesn't work for circles

    This is old, but maybe still relevant because it says something about "compiler bug".

    Maybe with a different compiler, or different FLTK version, your problem...
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    Re: Sorting a vector alphabetically?

    That sounds like homework to me.

    Most people around here will not help you with homework unless you have a very specific question.

    However, you should read your course literature about structs...
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