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    Can We Trust the Libraries We Use?


    Annotation. Any large modern application consists of numerous third-party libraries, and I'd like to discuss the topic of our trust in these libraries. In...
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    C++11 and 64-bit Issues

    64-bit computers have been around and well for a long time already. Most applications have 64-bit versions that can benefit from larger memory capacity and improved performance thanks to the...
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    Checking the Qt 5 Framework

    Static code analysis tools can help developers eliminate numbers of bugs as early as at the coding stage. With their help you can, for example, quickly catch and fix any typos. Well, some programmers...
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    A Long-Awaited Check of Unreal Engine 4

    On March 19, 2014, Unreal Engine 4 was made public available. Subscription costs only $19 per month. The source codes have also been published at the github repository. Since that moment, we have...
  5. Archeology for Entertainment, or Checking Microsoft Word 1.1a with PVS-Studio

    The Microsoft company has recently made a present to all programmers eager to dig into some interesting stuff: they revealed the source codes of MS-DOS v 1.1, v 2.0 and Word for Windows 1.1a. The...
  6. Comparison of static code analyzers: CppCat, Cppcheck, PVS-Studio and Visual Studio

    We have carried out a thorough comparison of four analyzers for C/C++ code: CppCat, Cppcheck, PVS-Studio and Visual Studio's built-in analyzer. It is a serious, large investigation that we had spent...
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    An Alternative to PVS-Studio at $250

    Hello, we are the developers of the PVS-Studio static code analyzer. We have created a new software product CppCat and are going to tell you about it in this article. Some time ago we imagined that...
  8. A User's Experience of Working with the Analyzer

    The conclusion is: the bug we had wasted about 50 hours to track was detected at once with the first run of the analyzer and fixed in less than an hour!

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    Checking VirtualDub

    Just recently I've checked the VirtualDub project with PVS-Studio. This was a random choice. You see, I believe that it is very important to regularly check and re-check various projects to show...
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    PVS-Studio Standalone

    You can now use PVS-Studio with Visual Studio or C++ Builder absent; just give it the preprocessed files generated by any preprocessor -
  11. We Hit a Mark of 1000 Error Samples Collected from Open Source Apps!

    Our bug database where we collect samples of software errors detected in open source projects by our PVS-Studio static analyzer has recently reached the mark of 1000 samples!

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    Article: The Big Calculator Gone Crazy

    In this article I'm going to discuss a problem few people think of. Computer simulation of various processes becomes more and more widespread. This technology is wonderful because it allows us to...
  13. News from PVS-Studio Developers' Secret Basement Lab

    From time to time we tell you news about our internal researches and developments conducted by the developer team of the PVS-Studio static analyzer for C/C++. Today I'm going to tell you about a new...
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    Why Windows 8 drivers are buggy

    We have checked the Windows 8 Driver Samples pack with our analyzer PVS-Studio and found various bugs in its samples. There is nothing horrible about it - bugs can be found everywhere, so the title...
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    PVS-Studio registration key for 5 days

    As an experiment, we have decided to offer everyone interested a PVS-Studio registration key for 5 days to study its 64-bit diagnostics more thoroughly.

    The PVS-Studio demo version is absolutely...
  16. Re-checking the ReactOS project - a large report

    The ReactOS project is rapidly developing. One of the developers participating in this project suggested that we re-analyzed the source code, as the code base is growing fast. We were glad to do...
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    Checking OpenCV with PVS-Studio

    OpenCV is a library of computer vision algorithms, picture processing algorithms, and general-purpose numerical algorithms. The library is written in C/C++ and is free both for academic and...
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    PVS-Studio 5.00 Released

    The PVS-Studio code analyzer has changed its main version number to 5.00. This is because we have added support of the Embarcadero RAD Studio development environment along with the capability of...
  19. Static analysis of C++Builder and WinRT projects

    I'm addressing developers with a specific request. Our plans for the PVS-Studio 5.00 static code analyzer are to implement integration with the C++Builder environment and support for the C++/CX...
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    A few words about OpenSSL

    This is a small note on the results of checking the OpenSSL project with the PVS-Studio analyzer. I analyzed the openssl-0.9.8-stable-SNAP-20121208 version.

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    The D language comes to help

    My name is Andrey Karpov. I develop software for developers, and I'm fond of writing articles on code quality issues. In this connection, I have met the wonderful man Walter Bright who has created...
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    Extending Visual Studio

    Visual Studio provides very powerful capabilities for us to extend its functional using various technologies and approaches. You can both automate routine actions using simplest macros and carry out...
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    TOR, OpenSSL vulnerability

    There is no fragment in program code where you cannot make mistakes. You may actually make them in very simple fragments. While programmers have worked out the habit of testing algorithms, data...
  24. Collection to aid in studying typical misprints and mistakes in C/C++ programming

    This post is intended for those who write articles and books on the subject of creating high-quality C/C++ code or security issues.

    While studying various projects with the help of the PVS-Studio...
  25. Selected articles from the Viva64 website for C/C++ programmers

    We regularly publish articles on our website on the subjects of programming, writing quality code, developing concurrent and 64-bit software. We also tell interesting stories about errors found by...
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