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  1. Re: Open a Word document in which the file name is user input

    when you open a Filestream, you are essentially just reading the file bytes into memory.

    if you want to actually open the file and have it display, the "Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word" libraries...
  2. Dynamic LINQ query against a List collection

    I'm using C# 2010 .NET 4.0 and I have a List<T> collection returns that i needing to build a dynamic LINQ query on.

    I'm utilizing the Predicate Builder referenced here

    This works fine if I...
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    Generics and Reflection

    I have a Method that accepts a generic parameter:

    public void AddErrors<T>(T Validator)

  4. Re: [RESOLVED] Passing Params to Crystal Reports

    Apparently, you have to set the Datasource BEFORE you apply the parameters. Setting the datasource beforehand apparently clears the params.
  5. [RESOLVED] Passing Params to Crystal Reports

    I'm creating a new Crystal Report. The binding is done via Dataset and it accepts params. We have existing code that applies params. These existing reports bind directly to a SPROC and they have...
  6. [RESOLVED] Send Byte Array to Crystal Reports

    I'm building a Crystal Report that needs to show an image. So I'm setting it up as to load from a dataset.

    I've defined a field as Byte[] in my dataset and just for good measure, I've created...
  7. No Source Code Available for Current Location

    I've been getting this message when stepping into a WebService method from my application. I've confirmed that all my project references are current and get build when i compile the webservice.
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    Net TCP Port Sharing Configuration

    We have some WCF services that utilize Net TCP Port Sharing. From my research, Port Sharing listens on Port 808 by default. On a client server, there is a Third Party Service that also uses this...
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    Re: Crystal Reports or VS Report Viewer

    Add an OLE object to your Crystal Report. Then set the properties of that object to point to a datafield that contains the path to whatever picture you are wanting to display.
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    Re: Programming practice: exception handling

    For myself, working in the real world, it really all boils down to logging of the error that can be utilized for debugging purposes.

    If you have no class exception handling, then you do get the...
  11. Re: Deserilization of an XML String Fails

    I found out the issue and was with a "helper" libarary of ours. There was a function where we were decoding the XML using HttpUtility.Decode before allowing the serializer to decode it too. This...
  12. [RESOLVED] Deserilization of an XML String Fails

    I have an object that gets serialized using the XmlSerializer class. Users can input data...this data gets Serialized and then De-Serialized later.

    The input data, the user needs to be able...
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    Re: Calculator help

    Ok. Well, there are several things wrong with this.... However, the reason you are getting your wrong answer is because in the first iteration of your loop... you assign the number 2 to the "RET"...
  14. Re: How can I build a COM from C++, which can be fed into C Sharp code?

    First, you should get a handle on making Windows API calls from C#.

    Second, Once you have an...
  15. Re: Multiple timers calling the same EventHandler... which one called it?

    this piece of code below is utilizing LINQ. Similar to SQL in its Syntax, it allows you to query objects that are Enumerable (meaning you can loop through them...i.e. your dictionary).

    So you...
  16. Re: Color Matrix and Transparency in Images

    Ok. I think that i solved the issue. Not sure exactly why it works this way. Maybe someone with more graphic experience can chime in and explain the reasoning... But..

    In my Original Post, I...
  17. Re: Multiple timers calling the same EventHandler... which one called it?

    Make sure you have this using statement...
    using System.Linq;

    You in your AlertHasExpired routine, do this....

    var firedtimer = (from tmpTimer in currentTimerList
  18. [RESOLVED] Color Matrix and Transparency in Images

    Ok. I'm creating a "Custom" Panel to serve in displaying images. The purpose of this is to allow the developer to add a "BackImage" and a "Front Image" and then allow them to tweak the Transparency...
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