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  1. Displaying Image in boundfield through code not html section?

    I need to have images displayed in a column of a gridview, but I cant do it in the html section using server controls, I need to do it in the script section. All of the responses I find for this just...
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    Updating dynamically added controls?

    How do you update a dynamically added control? Like for example a textbox, i have textboxes that are created from a database. The ids are created dynamicallyas well. Like a textbox for a name would...
  3. Re: How do you get the selected cell of a gridview?

    Thanks but that doesnt look like it would get the cell your clicking on, it looks more like it would set it.
  4. How do you get the selected cell of a gridview?

    I would like to know how to get the selected cell of a gridview, like for example if a gridview has 4 rows of 4 buttons each, how do you tell if you are clicking button 1 row 1 or button 3 row 4?
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    Re: Problem with parameterized update query

    Actually that was just a mistake when i was posting the code, i changed the parameter names from what i actually have in my code and accidentally put @field instead of @value. In my code they are...
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    Problem with parameterized update query

    I am using the following code to try and update a database entry, the UPDATE statement works when i am not using parameters but when i am using them it seems to do absolutely nothing. No error and no...
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