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    Re: Oversimplified User Interfaces

    I too didn't like the over reliance on toolbar icons. Its there in Office 2007 (Beta) too. I was using Excel and got very irritated using it. The toolbar is now so big and uses a lot of space. Also,...
  2. [RESOLVED] Managed or Unmanaged - where does the future lie?


    After attending the WinFX sessions at TechEd 2006 I felt that in near future Microsoft is moving to and openly preaching a mix of managed and unmanaged world.

    Earlier push was more towards...
  3. [RESOLVED] Managed Code : Which is the language of choice at Microsoft?


    We keep reading about the number of lines of managed code in the various products released by Microsoft like SQL Server 2005 etc..

    Can you share with us which is the language used to write...
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    Re: C# vs Managed C++

    Thanks for your reply Steve!

    About feature set- I thought C++ templates are the same as generics which C# 2.0 has. Also, do you really have deterministic finalization in managed C++? I thought the...
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    [RESOLVED] C# vs Managed C++


    I have programmed in C++ before .NET came and then switched to C# and liked the language. What I would like to explore is whether I have missed anything in not programming in Managed C++.
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