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  1. Re: Java 2d world generation algorithm. Please forgive my sense of humor...

    haha, I did not feel the sense of humor:p. By the way, you can look at this thread first.
  2. Re: Generating and Customizing barcode images in JasperReports

    Can I generate barcode with different color combinations?
  3. Replies

    Re: Barcode scanner with C#

    Actually your method can be used to count how many products have been scanned.:lol:
  4. Re: How to print images, pictures, texts and high quality barcodes using VB.NET or C#

    Is this neodynamic .net barcode generator compatible with ASP.NET web application? I have a task which requires me to finish this job at web-side server.
  5. Re: [VB.NET 2012] [HELP] ImageMagick Image Converter

    I think you can receive a better solution by posting your image converting issue in ImageMagick support forum cuz not so many people are familar with this library.:)
  6. Re: Select text from .pdf file and show it on the Richtext box. ? Its Challanging...

    Have you ever thought using pdf text coordinate system to select text from pdf?
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