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    Re: Reference a CLASS

    You're almost there :)

    OK, do you have a constructor for your Class2?

    If you have, you have to supply an argument to it, then create an object of the same type and set this newly created object...
  2. Re: Need help with a to VB 6

    General Purpose Interface Bus, here's some more info :
  3. Re: Data Type Mismatch in criteria expression

    Show your query and table structure, as DM said
  4. Re: how make a button to open an image?

    You could also have a look into the Process class
  5. Re: Is it possible to create a "transparent" textbox/richtextbox?

    OK, well, I cannot seem to edit the above post :confused:

    This is not really good practice, IMHO, is there really a specific need for this?
  6. Re: Is it possible to create a "transparent" textbox/richtextbox?

    Have a look here :
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    Re: Using a wrapper in c#

    Hey Saeed.

    Silly suggestion / question :

    Did you reference this dll - be it through project references or by importing the type library namespace?
  8. Re: Any Tutorial on Windows phone 8 Task Scheduler?

    Use the Scheduler API as explained in this article :

    Now, before you crucify me for...
  9. xHTML Re: Different Table Cell sizes and colors

    Yes, it had to be precisely like the image. To be honest, I didn't think of having separate cells, which would most likely work. But I cannot see the whole logic in this whole exercise at all....
  10. xHTML Re: Different Table Cell sizes and colors

    Hey no problems Peej! :thumb: I am also not so frequent on the forums as I am currently looking for employment. Hence this question.

    I thought as much, and even let the people that gave me the...
  11. Re: Hide Printing Message in ReportViewer

    I think you could use a timer with a small interval. Then, make use of the FindWindow and FindWindowEx and ShowWindow APIs to hide the form. Look these APIs up on MSDN
  12. Re: VB.Net 2010 API To Hide Non Plug and Play Devices In Device Manager

    Three things :

    1) Welcome to the Forums
    2) This thread is 2 years old
    3) This is the VB.NET Forum, not C#
  13. Re: Cycling through Controls in a Panel

    I would suggest determining the type of the control first, before directly casting it. Some psuedo code would look like this :

    Private Function CheckBoxesAllSet() As Boolean
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    Re: java image display

    If you feel your problem has been solved, please mark your thread Resolved.
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    Re: C# code to read xml files

    Set a breakpoint at this line :

    if (reader.Name == "Amount")

    And Step through the code. Have a look in the Output / debug/ watch windows for the values of the read values.
  16. Re: [VB.NET 4.0] System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException- system resources exceeded

    I am a bit late to the party, and all the booze is finished.... :)

    Anyways, have you tried specifying the fields explicitly, instead of using *. For example :

    SELECT Field1, Field2, Field3...
  17. Re: why this code crashes and how to fix it

    I am happy you have fixed it yourself. Please post your solution so that members encountering the same problem can be able to get help.
  18. Re: Change Windows Regional Date Format

    It is not usually a good idea to do these sort of changes in the registry, there are many possible issues that might arise from it; but, sometimes there is a need.

    You have to remember, as David...
  19. Re: Please help with User Input!

    I am glad you fixed your problem. Please share your answer with the fellow members, or future members that might have the same issue.
  20. Re: to calculate vowels, consonants, and spaces in the text entered

    Mid and Len are still VB6 functions. I'd suggest having a look here at some of the String ( as Dm pointed out ) methods :
  21. Re: Converting VB6 dll declare to dll declare

    Could you show the call you made to this DLL Function?
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    Re: Adding Roman Numerical

    Bad news. You'd have to convert to decimal and then convert back to Roman numeral
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    Sticky: Re: Please help save VB6

    Play nice!!!

    Ginercia, first you attack me and take my knowledge in question. You may know that what I have forgotten about VB 6, you may never know. Yes, read it as is. I have stayed away from...
  24. Re: How to create a moving text up in C# 2005 ?

    It is difficult to understand your question. What are you attempting to do?
  25. Re: Detecting mouse button down & up events on the system menu of form.

    This quite an odd request, as literally no one should right click on a system menu, usually. In any case have a look into these APIs :

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