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  1. Re: BS_PUSHBUTTON starts disabled on creation

    Solved it.

    I examined how the CImageButton help button that is currently on there works and found it has an extra Message Map handle that I didn't spot before. So I passed my buttons through it...
  2. Re: BS_PUSHBUTTON starts disabled on creation

    MxScopePanel is my class which is used to produce a data scope panel.
    This is what gets created through OnPaint.
    What I am currently working with produces the data scope and draws it through...
  3. Re: BS_PUSHBUTTON starts disabled on creation

    I have identified the problem however I don't understand why it occurs.

    In my OnPaint() function I call CPaintDC dc(this) which is what causes the buttons to become disabled. Anyone know why this...
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    Re: Making an octagon out of right triangles

    Crudely drawn but this is how you can do it with 8 right angle triangles.
  5. Re: BS_PUSHBUTTON starts disabled on creation

    Here is what I get with my code.

    Copied your code just in case and I get the same result. So something somewhere else in the code is disabling it?
  6. [RESOLVED] BS_PUSHBUTTON starts disabled on creation

    I am trying to create a button on a panel. On creation however it starts off disabled and I can't find out why.

    In my class:

    CButton m_ZoomIncrease;

    On creation of the panel:
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