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  1. how to retrieve contents from dynamically created textboxes

    hello im creating textboxes and their number depends on the contents of a dropdownlist.

    protected void dropDownList_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender,EventArgs e)
  2. problem regarding user roles and roleproviders

    hello i have some integration problem with my sql server and visual studio, so whenever i try to set user roles from web admin tools it shows the error "unable to connect to sql server/unable to set...
  3. problem with bulk copying into sql server database

    hello im trying to copy the contents of my datagridview into an sql server. here's the code

    void BulkInsertToSQL(DataTable dt, string tableName)

    using (SqlConnection...
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    showing month and year

    hello i need to make a condition in my report where it will take the values from a sql database that were modified this month. in the db it is stored in this pattern-"April 2012" (for example). how...
  5. how to retrieve clicked content in datagrid

    hello is there any way to get the selected cell's content inside a datagrid. In a windows form appl, i used the following method but it was for datagridview. Can it be done with a datagrid in wpf? if...
  6. retrieving seleted value from combobox in datagridview

    hello im having a problem retrieving selected value from a combobox in datagridview. my datagridview is getting its data from an sql database. so the comboboxes are filled during runtime and i dont...
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    Re: disgusted with panels

    sorry for being so naive, i meant when i try to put a panel on top of another panel,the panel at the back becomes invisible because of intention is to put a set of controls like...
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    disgusted with panels

    panels are nice but working with them is a pain when im changing their visibility modes.can anyone suggest a better option that will work like a panel but i can work with better ease?
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    getting new line feed from richtextbox

    when im entering values in a richtextbox i want to store the new line feed from it and store it in sql database so that i will be able to pick the values from can this be accomplished?is there...
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    confusion with bittorrent

    hello guys im so confused that i dont even know where/under which category i should be posting it. i want to build a desktop application that will get data from bittorrent. the data will be the...
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    delay in reading data from hard disk

    hello im building an application which requires retrieval of mp3 files from folders and show them in a treeview.but it's taking a lot of time and the screen freezes showing the following error-

  12. how to retrieve a full row from datagridview

    hello im trying to retrieve data from an entire row in datagridview.i know how to get data from a particular cell but i want to get the particular row into an arraylist.all i can think of is this

  13. Thread: karaoke

    by lamiajoyee


    hello there, i want to build a simple karaoke using c#.but this type of application is totally new to me. could you guys please provide me some briefings(links to resources e.g.) how this can be...
  14. How to control visibilty of form1 from form2

    hello i'm trying to do a simple little thing, i have two forms in my application, at first form1 comes into view,then i press a button and form2 comes.all i want is that when form2 is visible form1...
  15. Re: strange problem with saveToolStripMenuItem_Click

    thank you very much for your help. yes my problem has been resolved and you have cleared yet another confusion of mine which was that i didnt understand why the savefile dialogbox was appearing...
  16. strange problem with saveToolStripMenuItem_Click

    hello there! Im having a strange problem with saving files. im trying to use saveToolStripMenuItem and saveFileDialog to save an array of strings into a text file. when i debug the program...
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    Re: problem with comparing arraylists

    yes the order matters.and one more thing,the lists dont have to be the same,i need to check if certain elements are there in the list
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    problem with comparing arraylists

    hello there! I've got two arraylists named a1 and a2. I need to check if these two arraylists have the same contents. All I can think of is this------

    for (int j = 0; j < a1.Count;j++ )
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    problems with arraylist and messagebox

    hello there, i want to show all the elements of an arraylist into a single at a loss about what to do.because messageboxes only take strings as parameters, how can i concatenate an...
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