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    Get current directory from JFileChooser

    Hello, Im trying to get the current directory out of my JFileChooser. I would like to turn this current directory to a string, something like String userdir = fc.getCurrentDirectory(); This...
  2. Can you return user action from ActionEvent?

    Hello, I am working on a program and trying to add a GUI to it. I want the user to chose a directory for files to be run into the program. I am using a separate class for the GUI and I cant seem to...
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    Re: Variable Wont increment in while loop

    Hey Thanks! I dont know why my wordCount variable wasn't working, but String[] wordList = aLine.split(" "); did the charm. Thanks!
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    Variable Wont increment in while loop

    Howdy, very new to java programming. I am reading in a text file from my computer and attempting to store it in an array of strings, one word per string. However, they all appear to be in the first...
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