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  1. CRXIR2SP5 csv export -issue with group headers

    I am doing a csv export with CRXIR2SP5 and choose Isolate Groups when exporting. The report has 3 group headers that I want to be the first 3 records in the export.

    1. It wraps the first group...
  2. Crystal reports-formatting and csv export issues

    A co-worker has created some reports (he uses Crystal X but I have the same issue in X or XI) to extract data to csv files for people to use for Hyperion imports.

    1st issue:
    The report in...
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    drop down parameter with stored proc?

    Crystal Reports XI, SQL Server 2005
    I have a report that calls a complex stored proc in SQL Server as the datasource (it has 8 parameters). We've been asked to make one of the parameters a dynamic...
  4. DataRelation with many-to-many relationships

    VS2005 C#
    I have books, authors and a bkauthlink table linking the other two tables creating a many-to-many relationship. I have this in Program.cs class:

    namespace BooksAuthors

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    Re: Crystal with SQL Server stored proc

    Yes, I first wrote it in SSRS--so prefer that, but no one here knows how to deploy it securely. So I rewrote it in Crystal. I had it working but it quit working last week and I started uninstalling...
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    Crystal with SQL Server stored proc

    I'm somewhat new to Crystal and I'm writing reports based on stored procedures which is not the norm here so when I run into problems, I hear "I've never written a Crystal report from a stored...
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