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    Re: DateDiff assistance


    Cells(x, 27).Value = DateDiff("yyyy", fromDate, toDate)

    Else maybe you should tell us what problem you are having.
  2. Re: VB 2008 - Calculate values in multiple textboxes without using button click event

    You can place code in the change event of the text boxes or perhaps just the last text box, or use a timer or other depending on what you want to do.
    Also note that VB2008 is not VB6.

    I will...
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    Re: Bar Code Question

    This thread/question is over 12 years old and has nothing to do with C#. Please do not revive old threads like this and when you do answer try to stay with in the same language as the question.
  4. Re: Please Help me Compare two excel files (cells) using Visual Basic 2010

    Moved to VB.Net forum

    You really should be using the .SubString method rather than all those VB.Right and VB.Left statements

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    Re: Form Instantiation

    Well as I see it you are making a copy of Form1. I would not expect the name to change, it is assigned in the original Form1 properties.
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    Re: Making a loop

    Not sure what you are asking, you are only executing 4 cycles of the loop and you only have 4 values
    There are numerous ways you could make it do the little bit you showed but not sure what ........
  7. Re: How to Select statement using the value from Combobox in the form of

    sql = " select * from ea00 where reptrc=Fr2ComBo.text"

    Since that is all in quotes it would be looking for the literal text " Fr2ComBo.text"

    You need to build the string so that it gets the...
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    Re: VB6 & SQL Connection Form

    The error message is telling you that you are not using the correct data type.
    Since you just attached a picture that does not show the dim statement nor the assignment of the var throwing the error...
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    Re: VB6 & SQL Connection Form

    Well you need to give us some info first, telling us what problem you are having would be a good start.
    Also would be good to post some related code as text in your post.

    Use Zip instead of rar...
  10. Re: SteamWriter Problem - tooooo slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    I am curious how you were doing it before. I've not saw any issues using streamwriter. I would suspect it was related to your methods.
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    Re: How to read from physical barcode scanner

    What does that even mean?

    You don't need anything special to process a barcode. The reader/scanner is a piece of hardware. These will send the data to the PC either as RS232 or Keyboard input. You...
  12. Re: Keyboard with command buttons on the form

    On the appending text. When you press a key and a textbox has focus the key gets into the text box automatically. You don't need to append anything. This is why you were getting two characters...
  13. Re: Keyboard with command buttons on the form

    When you have focus on a textbox and press a key tht gets added to the textbox automatically. You are then adding it again through code

    remove this from your key press event

    append val
  14. Re: VB6 app on Windows 8 RDS Server... msado.dll fault

    There was some issue introduced with SP1 for Windows 7. I have not ran into myself but have saw several posts related to it online. I would imagine Windows 8 may have the same issue.

    Maybe this...
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    Re: Creating a grid in vb

    I'm not really sure what you are trying to do. It sounds like you are wanting to draw, maybe dots in a grid pattern?
    If so then ignore the post above as a DB and data grid would not be much help.
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    Re: VB6 getprivateprofle string problem

    There really is not much it could be,
    File not at the location, wrong filename
    Not able to access file
    Not finding a match to your area or section

    You could try adding a line after you set...
  17. Re: 2 problems concerning imagelist control and most recent project files

    They are stored in the frx file for the form in question.
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    Sticky: Re: Please help save VB6

    Of course all but the one on the bottom are one of the top ;) VB6 is not nearly as widely used as some people seem to think. The fact is Microsoft moved away from VB6 many years ago. You should...
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    Sticky: Re: Please help save VB6

    So why would they need to be re-written? If they work perfectly fine then there is no reason to spend thousands of dollars rewriting them. As for quicker to market, this would be true if you are...
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    Re: Load .Pdf from harddisk via listboxes

    Well you are going to have to associate a file with it somehow but I don't see anything there that would enable you to know which file should be opened.
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    Re: Not a loaded control

    I'm a a loss. I have been using AR since back in the 90s but never ran into this issue with it.
    Sounds like it may be referring to a control on that specific report.
    Can you load any existing...
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    Re: Not a loaded control

    Have you installed active reports on the new machine?
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    Re: Shift + Tab Key Down

    The Tab key is used internally or navigation. You may want to use a different key.
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    Re: MultiListbox selection

    You would need to add some code in the list click event to select/unselect the items in the other lists based on the list index of the item clicked on in the active list. The the code to remove the...
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    Re: Expression Expected

    as the message says that is an invalid line

    You can't have "something" "something" without having a comma or a & or something between them

    You have another issue near the end as well

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