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  1. Re: Industrial Automation and Visual C++

    I am a programmer in Industrial Automation Field and using Visual C++ for machine control application like Motion Control, Input/Output Control and Machine Vision interface. We need to write...
  2. Re: How to set font in static text dialog box VC++

    Add a control variable link to your static text. For example, m_Test.

    Then you can add in the similar code in your initialisation.

    CFont font;
    font.CreateFontW(20, ...
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    Re: help with WM_LBUTTONDOWN

    I have noticed that it does not work if you are capturing event on the control. However, I can capture the event when I try to detect mouse click on the dialog. What actually you wish to do?
  4. Thread: list control

    by zawthet

    Re: list control

    This is how I do. I hope it can help.

    m_myList is my control variable to List Control. The following code will add in "A", "B","C","D" in column 1,2,3,4 respectively.

    int ItemSelected =...
  5. Re: Communication with BlueTooth Device over Serial Port

    You can refer to ASCII Chart in MSDN library for RS-232 communication.

    If you send character '\x00D', it is equilvalent to <CR>.

    \x mean Hexadecimal and 00D is the ASCII number equivalent to...
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    On LeftButton Down Event


    I am tried to implement LeftButtonDown and LeftButtonUp Event on my button.

    It is something like I want to increase a variable while the button is pressed and stop increasing when the...
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    Re: Serial communication in VC++..

    I don't know the following code segment will be helpful to you. This is the function that I created using one of the sample program I found from this forum and it read the value from serial port...
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    Visual C++ 2005 char* to CString

    I am writing some MFC application on VC++ 2005 and I have hard time to handling the CString.

    I have some charcter array and I want to convert it to CString but the old method does not work.

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