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    Anyone use the davical library?

    Trying to use DAV to write Yahoo calendar events. I am using the davical library DLLs.

    I can access the ICalendars collection using proper calendar URL, but it always comes up with a count of 0. ...
  2. Auto-discovery of .DLLs that contain a member function?

    I have a project where I have a main assembly and a bunch of support sub-assemblies. Each sub-assembly has exactly the same member functions (each is designed to work with a different data source)....
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    Write to Yahoo calendar using CalDav?

    According to Yahoo, they support CalDav for application access to a yahoo calendar. Has anybody done this? I would love a c# wrapper class but have not been able to find one anywhere.
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    Problem with Google calendar API

    I can't figure out why this code:



    // Authenticate
  5. Problem with System.Windows.Controls in Moonlight

    I can't seem to use a GridSplitter in my Xaml:

    <basics:GridSplitter ResizeDirection="Columns"
  6. Options to improve performance accessing Outlook folder data

    I have an app which runs fine and performs as it should, except that it is very slow when accessing other users Outlook calendars (located on remote Exchange servers).

    My app is written in C#...
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    Re: Need sort comparator help

    It's not in a database... it's a collection of custom objects, contained in a List<>. If it was contained in a SQL database that's a great idea, but it isn't.
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    Need sort comparator help

    Hi, I have a sort comparator that I am using to sort a List<> by a DateTime value and a String value. Here is the code:

    public class AppointmentComparer3 : Comparer<MSTSAppointment>
  9. [Solved] Re: Problem serializing to Xml then deserializing

    That did the trick! Thanks much!
  10. Problem serializing to Xml then deserializing

    I need to serialize to Xml then at a later time deserialize to one of my classes.

    Using this to serialize:

    public void Serialize()
    // serialize Schedule to XML file
  11. XML serialization doesn't capture base class elements

    I am using Xml serialization to serialize a class to an XML file. This works fine, except that instances of this class are derived from another class, and I need the base class variables to be...
  12. Re: Security exceptions writing to event log -porting app from XP to Vista

    That's stupid... isn't the event log there for events to be captured? I see no point in restricting access to writing to the event log.

    I'm using ClickOnce to deploy... so I think that means I...
  13. Security exceptions writing to event log -porting app from XP to Vista

    I'm moving an app from XP to Vista... should work without changes, right? Uh uh. My app writes to the Windows Application event log.. now under Vista I get security exceptions.

    I have read that...
  14. Re: COM Interop requires Outlook .dll in GAC, but...

    No, that's not the issue. It compiles and runs fine on machines that have Outlook installed on them. But it won't run on machines without Outlook even if the user isn't trying to access any Outlook...
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    Re: Using binary files as database?

    There is an embedded sql-like database that I've seen but cannot remember what it's called.
  16. COM Interop requires Outlook .dll in GAC, but...

    not all installations use the assemblies that reference Outlook.

    I have an app which reads schedule information from a variety of sources, one of which may be Outlook.

    On systems where the user...
  17. Can Outlook appointment items be accessed via Linq?

    I have a class which allows me to read and write Outlook appointments either locally or on an Exchange server. This class uses COM Interop to drive the Outlook object model.

    It works, but is...
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    Re: Loose XAML won't display in IE8

    AFAIK you can't just dump XAML into a web browser and expect it to create the window that way, unless the browser would (on its own) load the WPF rendering engine inside itself and compile the XAML...
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    Re: Need help with publishing

    By "project" I mean the VS project folder.. where all the XAML, C# code, etc etc lives.

    There is no "installer project"... it's a simple ClickOnce install.
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    Need help with publishing

    I am trying to get ClickOnce to add 4 .xml files that my app uses for configuration data, to the application's folder when installed. The intent is to install skeleton versions of these 4 files once...
  21. Re: Recommended location for local config files for an app

    Ok. I think I will go this route.

    Next question- I have two .xml files I need to store there, however I need to allow the users to copy their own custom .xml files to this location. Is it...
  22. Re: C# learning guide for an ex MFC programmer

    I'd second the recommendation to go with WPF. Since you have to learn C# anyway, might as well learn what's on the cutting edge. I don't write any Winforms apps anymore. Everything (including...
  23. Re: Recommended location for local config files for an app

    What happens during debugging... where will that location be since the app isn't installed yet. thanks.
  24. Re: Recommended location for local config files for an app

    Is there a C# function to get a filepath to this folder (since it can't be known until installation). And if so, how does it work during development/debugging since the app isn't installed in its...
  25. Recommended location for local config files for an app

    Where should my app store local configuration files (like xml files) to retain screen position, etc.?

    I just moved my development box from XP to Vista and apparently writing files to some folder...
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