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    Re: C# Express Deploying Application

    Perhaps this might help
  2. Re: adding content pipeline to c# compiler on the fly?

    Just sandwich the exe's together, take notes on what's from here to here and here to here, then make a "launcher"?
    Am I understanding correctly that you want to include the exe, to present it to the...
  3. Re: Automating a I need to learn a scripting language to automate the br

    check out the webbrowser1, htmlelement, htmlelementcollection, and webbrowser1.document.all namespaces.. it's a start
  4. Re: Javascript HtmlElement Click Event problem?!

    Lol, thinking about how crazy this sounds, I'm still pondering over what this possibly does in memory that could alleviate a "bug" in the web page? Only one element I've found on this web page...
  5. Javascript HtmlElement Click Event problem?!

    So I was porting an app to a clean project in VS. This is .net 3.5, VS2008.
    General click here, click there type stuff in a webbrowser1.
    I noticed that I get to one location that...
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    Re: Using Windows Task Scheduler with C#

    Use this + launching processes
    just call AT via a cmd process
  7. Re: Current child forms in toolbar..or something

    just use dynamic calls to a tab control
  8. Re: Need to develop a custom media player

    you might look into c++ libraries, I'm sure they're more mature than c# probably is for audio manipulation
  9. Re: Would it be hard to create an app in C# that can log me into my website?

    Don't use 'document completed' to tell you when the page is done loading, in webrowser1_ProgressChanged use:
    if(e.currentprogress ==0 && e.maximum == 0 &&...
  10. Re: Need Advise: How to store procedural steps.

    Why not just skip all the extra stuff and make a base parsing program to feed a data file into arrays/lists, and then write smaller executables to read each file?
    You could put a marker in the...
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    Re: Taskschedule

    I've always used this approach via Process, and startinfo.args
    Hope it helps!
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    Re: Aes decryption error

    Pretty new to encryption methods myself, but I was able to adapt this one to my needs and it works. As for different options, I couldn't suggest anything without knowing more about your requirements....
  13. Re: In Memory processing vs. Database transactions (.NET2)

    Is it possible to dump/append data to a "backup" file, but process everything in memory?
    That way you could "pick up" where you left off given a marker of some sort if something crashed, yet user...
  14. Re: Open .html on load of form and to make default web browser!

    after you make the file association to your app.exe you need to change it to accept args[], then on load, make sure it's a valid url and wb1.nav()
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    Re: Some thing interesting :)

    firstresult = hourlypay*numofhours;
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    Re: Listen to other machine

    tcp 80 (99% of machines/switches/firewalls won't have this blocked unless the environment demands it)
    any thought beyond that isn't required for sending a string...
    or you could just generate and...
  17. Re: Help getting windows handle from process id

    public static extern IntPtr FindWindow(string lpClassName, string lpWindowName);

    public static extern IntPtr...
  18. Re: HTML Scrapping using C# works strangely with a particular site

    Could you post the code you are using?

    Right off I would say if you havn't tried it, try scraping the wb1.document.all or if that bombs, try axwb1.document + document.all
    My app runs thru it just...
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    Re: Variable accessable in more forms

    All you do is when calling the new form include "this" in the paranthesis, then you are essentially passing the current form, and all it's public variables to the new form, to be able to access......
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    Re: invoke a form , from a thread

    try a format like this, you'll have to pull out some of the extra, but this forces the re-calling of the invoke if the form is not ready (or perhaps not created as in your case)

    delegate void...
  21. Re: Clarified: WB1 scraping within a new thread

    No ideas yet?
    I did figure it out that what I believe is happening here is purely a big circle of reference variables equating to the source changing when a navigating/completed runs against the...
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    Re: BackgroundWorker & timer

    Very similar to this, then function(args, args etc);

    delegate void PassRT(string line, int num);
    public void RT1(string line, int num)
  23. Re: Problem with processes (opening and closing files)

    You might just need to change your ==0 to ==IntPtr.Zero*

    Can you tie in Win32 stuff to the compact framework? (I know nothing about the CF, I'm sure it's nerfed! ;)
    So something like the below to...
  24. Re: WebBrowser Control - Wait for page to process

    I had the same problem, and the solution I found is:
    this inside it's own form, all it is is a window with text of "Please wait a moment", and because it's showdialog() you freeze all input and code...
  25. Re: Exception Handling without closing program

    create the form on the fly with custom text within the (catch exception e) and showdialog() to pause the thread?
    or just use a goto hehe
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