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  1. Re: Pointer Question? (Small fun about pointer :D)

    Thanks to all and sorry for taking your time :)
    I am afraid of pointers so I made this "crazy" code to test myself.

    Hobson, thank you for your attention, you did it so fast.
    I am waitting for...
  2. Pointer Question? (Small fun about pointer :D)

    Sometimes I am crazy about pointers in C/C++, but I love it. :)
    Today I post this small fun about pointers :D

    Could you say what is printed on the consol window after the program finishs and...
  3. Thank Krishnaa!

    From your ideal, I have just googled the word "keyboard filter driver" and found this program is very good one, using keyboard filter driver:

    It can detect any...
  4. Thanks, I would like to ask more...

    AlanMason, Thank you very much,
    You gave me much help. You understand deeply about OS, more more deeper than I can.
    About solution for windows2000/XP I have a new Ideal and would like to have your...
  5. So how can I do to solve it?

    Thanks AlanMason very much for your long reply,
    But actually, I look puzzled now, I don't known how can do it now. I develop it in both Windows 9X and NT(2000/XP), so what is the best solution for...
  6. Thanks, pls give me more help

    Thanks, Puzzolino,
    But the psy App I said above (Sample KeyLogger), it has a timer, and re-hook every one second, so it allways stay in lower layer than me. I don't think it is good way to create my...
  7. How to detect KeyBoardLogger Program - Spy app?

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask a question:
    Is there any way to detect if there would be any Spy app running in back ground which installed LL Keyboard Hook to steal User's password?

    Thanks a...
  8. How to prevent keyboard hook? Hard question:-/

    :confused: I am deverloping a security app now, my app has a input-password form, so I need a module to prevent another spy program stealing my password. Hence, there is a HARD question in my mind...
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