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  1. how to highlight/select text in a wpf textbox without focus?

    I want to highlight selected text in a wpf textbox while the textbox is not focused. In my application, my textbox never gets focus, and every key input is done manually.

    I was wondering if there...
  2. Displaying the blinking caret in a WPF textbox without focus

    I'm trying to make the blinking caret visible when the textbox does not have focus. My textbox cannot have focus at anytime because it is in a multiuser application with lots of textboxes...
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    Tried that already. Im looking for handwritten...

    Tried that already. Im looking for handwritten character recognition library, not OCR.
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    Sample C# sode for OCRopus


    I was looking for a library that I could use to recognize handwritten characters from an image in c#. I came across OCRopus, but couldn't find any sample code to use it..Could anyone provide...
  5. displaying a canvas at two positions simultaneously

    In C#, using WPF components, Is it possible to display a canvas (whose contents change at run time based on user input) at two positions on the screen? or in two windows? So basically, whatever...
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