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  1. why to call alert() between xml parsing in javascript

    Hello Dear

    I am parsing my xml using below mention code.but i donot know should use alert("ffff")because if i donot use alert("ffff") it's throws an error "object required"

    You can also try...
  2. Reading the parsing attribute of the node

    Hello Dear
    I am working in javascript. I want to read the parsing attribute of the node. How to read parsing attribute of the node.Please some one help me.
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    Get Ip Address From mac address

    Dear Sir,
    I am working in local area network. i want that if anyone change his ip then i pick up it's time so that i have all pc mac address and i want anyone ip address please help me
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    Get Mac Address From any website Url

    I want to give the url and it's give me the IP Address and Mac Address. Please help me.
    Pradip Mishra
  5. Error on the web config file in 2.0

    Dear Sir,
    I use the for the creating the website. I working in 1.1 but this time i use the 2.0 I cannot see the error message that what kind of error found.

    the error is ...
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    Creating component in

    I am .net 2.0 developer I want to create the component in help us. I means that I want to create a project and use this as a component.
  7. database access problem in 2.0


    I complete project in 2.0 after this i publish website for create a dll file, and upload the website but i cannot access the database, means that i cannot write into the database...
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    Video Streaming

    I want to create a vedio streaming programe which reads vedio streams from the local system and updates to a webserver. the administrators of this can view this online vedio streams from anywhere...
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