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    Reading Input Real-Time

    I'm trying to code a program to read the user's input and have it:

    -count vowels
    -stop counting vowels after '.' or '?' (ie. abcdjwef is 1 a, 1 e; while fje.fwdfeiii is just 1 e)
    -closes when...
  2. Re: [Beginner] Incorrect Output for a Simple Code

    Ahh... I changed the variable declarations for dx1-3 until after they are prompted for and I'm getting the output I'm looking for, thanks.
  3. [Beginner] Incorrect Output for a Simple Code

    The program prompts for 3 circles' center coordinates and their radii.
    The program then prompts for a point which is then evaluated for inclusion/exclusion in the three circles' areas.

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