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    Re: String manipulation

    Good point keang, use that instead.
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    Re: Incredibly simple problem

    Come on there's no need for that tone.
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    Re: String manipulation

    String [] sections = "CP GF FGT LEDGER".split(" ");
    String finalString ="";
    for(int i=0 ; i<sections.length-1 ; i++){
    finalString += " " + sections[i];
    finalString = finalString.trim();
  4. Re: Element Wise Comparison of String to find the difference between two Strings

    Split each of your strings using split(" ");
    Add each element to a map/list

    Then just do a comparison of the two lists/maps.

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    Re: stream, pipeline


    I wouldn't read to much into what the author is saying. It appears he is using an analogy to describe the process in a way that most unix users might understand.

    Piping basically lets you...
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    Re: Generating subsets of a set

    Generate a power set for each one, then remove duplicates.

    Here's some code to generate power sets:

    public class CombinationSet<T> {

    List<T> elements = new ArrayList<T>();...
  7. Re: what is JWMS the newest java architecture ? and what is maplet ?

    No, what I mean is does it come with some kind client ajax library that automatically integrates with your maplet stuff.

    The reason I'm asking is that there are hundreds of web frameworks to...
  8. Re: problem with the path with Class.forname() method

    Class c = Class.forName(userDir.replace("\\", ".") + "." + "Page");

    if this doesn't work, user dir may have something funny at the start of the string (i.e. c:\\), if it does just strip it...
  9. Re: what is JWMS the newest java architecture ? and what is maplet ?

    Hey, I have a question. Does you maplet stuff allow you to use ajax?
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    Re: Java ftp/ssl

    There is a framework called Milton that I've used for SSL + webdav, I think it has FTP SSL Support as well. have a look (
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    Re: incremented loop question

    In your method

    public void tree3Loop(){
    for(int k=0;k<clusterList3.size();k++)
  12. Re: Accessing / Modifying this Object

    Quick question, are you calling your classes/methods a,b,c etc or has this been run through an obfuscator?
  13. Re: retrieve a reference to the father of an object

    From you code it looks like you only need to access the father object in yout nextSibling method. So you need code something like:

    class MyNode

    private MyNode father;
  14. Re: CORBA , RMI and now JSHOOTER !

    Wow, you're going all out with your advertising. I think this is the third thread I've seen you advertising in.

    Wonder if it'll start a trend.
  15. Re: Possible to return name of an object?? Please Help

    My advice: Model you system to reflect your use case. If it isn't working your model's wrong.

    As suggested before, you can maintain a referemce in the child object to the parent that instantiated...
  16. Re: Recommend database engine for Java program

    If you just need a 'file' to read from use db4o. (Or some other lightweight non-sql relational db)

    Relational modeling, CRUD optomisations etc will not add to anything your attempting to do.

  17. Re: Recommend database engine for Java program

    If the aim of your project is to learn java (and not RDBMS administration, SQL etc) and nothing else, then you may want to start with a simpler project.

    If you really want to use this as your...
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