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    Re: VB COM Critique

    A couple of comments:

    1.Use of the ScriptingContext object is outdated and ObjectContext should be used instead.

    2. No naming convention for variable names - use hungarian or similar.

    3. No...
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    Re: Sql/ASP problems!

    Another option (depending on your datasource) would be to change you SQL statement to be

    SELECT isnull(SUM(hits),0) AS hitssum FROM table WHERE year = 2001 AND month = 2 AND day = 19

  3. Re: Returning ADO recordsets from COM object

    Use a disconnected recordet, ie set the cursor type to be client-side then disconnect by setting the ActiveConnection to nothing.
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    Re: common variable to all instance

    The Shared Property Manager (with MTS/COM+) performs this task
  5. Re: Store ADO Connection object in memory

    Yes, MTS/COM+ will pool the connection for you. Caching the connection in ways you describe has massive scalability issues.

    Public variables are not truly public a COM component as they are not...
  6. Re: COM-object is locked after first use in ASP, DLL can't be deleted - why?

    Running an ASP script loads that object into memory, hence you cannot delete it. If it is an un-configured component, you'll need to restart IIS or if it is configured, just shut down the application...
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    Re: Terminate execution of the method

    exit sub or exit function
  8. Re: Store ADO Connection object in memory

    Caching ADO connections really isn't something you want to get into. Both COS/MTS and COM+ employ connection pooling that does the job for you.

    As regards caching a recordset, you could use a...
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