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  1. Re: Rotated parallelogram collision detection "RPG"

    I am not completely sure how to create a formula that will detect if your x,y cord is out of bounds on this background, is it distorted ? what shape is the walkable area? I have started looking at...
  2. Re: Rotated parallelogram collision detection "RPG"

    sorry never used forums much here is vb6 code i used to try to solve this problem

    Private Sub Form_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
    'calculate the top y...
  3. Re: Rotated parallelogram collision detection "RPG"

    Alright, my primary problem is my collision detection is slightly off and locks the sprite in the corner to the far right. My background is attached to this comment.
    <\code> public void...
  4. Rotated parallelogram collision detection "RPG"

    Hello I am in grade 12 programming("ICS4U") and I have decided to create a game in Java for my end term project/exam. I have collected an image off the Internet because I like its perspective. I will...
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