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  1. Re: Copying listview row without duplication

    item.Clone() and then you're asking why its duplicated?? Thats what Cloning does. Why not copy the row as strings??
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    Re: begginer help

    Yes System.IO.File has enough functions to deal with all this - and moreover splitting by . may not work all the time . The best way to do it is by using GetFileNameWithoutExtension()
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    Re: IF sectence

    I would use the LostFocus or the Leave event of the first textbox and then do what the above post says. If you are populating the textbox as it loads, you may want to check if the form is visible...
  4. Re: Application crashes when PC clock change

    Show us the exception details - What does the message and data say int he exception object???
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    Re: DataGridView WriteXml() not saving

    Okay, I narrowed down the problem and fixed it - with a weird side effect.

    Calling bindingsource1.EndEdit() before calling WriteXml() will make sure the rows are saved and they dont disappear as...
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    Re: Some thing interesting :)

    Is it an order of operations problem? Try making the smaller calculations into a double and then adding it.
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    Re: DataGridView WriteXml() not saving

    Okay! The code does exactly this - there is a datagridview thats has few columns like Name, Description and say DateTime field. This gridview is bound to a BindingSource object that is in turn bound...
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    Re: DataGridView WriteXml() not saving

    95 views and none could help - anyway, I'll find out and post it here for others.
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    Re: technology dilema

    Try - they do give you a general idea as well as detailed articles\examples, and may be you can learn from there. I would start from WPF.
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    Re: Menu based Vs Pure Dialog based

    Menus do invoke dialogs right?? Usually buttons and menus are given to do the same operations liek New, Edit, Delete. Menus are a good space saving technique as well.
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    DataGridView WriteXml() not saving

    I have simple datagridview that saves each line as a record to XML as they are entered. I use the CellEndEdit event to call the WriteXml() of the gridview which should save the coulmns as nodes in...
  12. Re: Easy way to decompile EXE to C-Sharp and then compile

    So, you do not have the source code? If you are trying to hack another's program, then thats against copyright laws and possibly you cant get legal help here. .NET reflector will let you see the...
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    Re: Copy selected text in a checkbox

    Any control's property can be read by getting its name during runtime. It can also be set similarly. Does e have a Name property here? You can use that retrieve checkbox control itself.

    May be...
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    Re: C# Starter :)

    MSDN is the best source of information. You may want to look at C#'s Programmers reference. Its very nice to learns its concept first and then check out examples at as...
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    Re: Currency formatting

    Note: Using
    Double dVal = Double.Parse(strValue).ToString("N");

    gives a pretty decent formatted output. How can I use () to show -ve values I would like to show 3 decimal places. Like 123.4567...
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    Currency formatting

    I have some currency values to be formatted. They are stored as double and when I use String.Format("{0:C2}", strValue); it does NOT yield the right results.

    I need all the...
  17. Re: KeyPress, KeyCode handling behavior strange

    Thanks for the inputs though. As I said, I fixed it by commenting out the droppeddown statement. I understand it as when a combobox drops down it generates drop down event which also is an...
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    Re: binding multiple DataGridView

    Use a query and get the results you want for 12112 -like Select * from xyz where projectnum= "12112" and then set this as datasource to gridviews 2 and 3 appropriately.

    You can read the datareader...
  19. Re: KeyPress, KeyCode handling behavior strange

    Ok, I fixed this error a min after I posted it -- but its still strange.

    So, GetDeliveryPoints() had this statement: cmbAccountCodes.DroppedDown = true;

    This was causing the keydown event...
  20. [RESOLVED] KeyPress, KeyCode handling behavior strange

    Hi all,
    I basically want to have a combo that lists some account codes (e.g ALB1E, BSE2F) and when the user types the first few letters and presses enter, I calla function that will...
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    Re: Automatic definition of Equals etc?

    Great explanation. Thank you, TechGnome.
  22. Re: Why would SQLDataReader close itself? Interesting.

    Thank you and sorry for that.
  23. Re: Why would SQLDataReader close itself? Interesting.

    viperbyre, techgnome thank you for your replies as well. Yes, Iam simply going to read through the cells from the gridview columns - I can take data any format it comes. :)

    1. Yes, DataReader is...
  24. Re: Why would SQLDataReader close itself? Interesting.

    Technically, that did not make sense anyway. Iam not surprised that you are an MVP?? and a Mod?? Ok, that goes against the basic principles of any OO lang like C#. Local Objects do NOT go out of...
  25. Re: Why would SQLDataReader close itself? Interesting.

    I'll try it and post the results here...
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