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  1. Re: How to get assistance when programming ADO?

    This is the code:

    // ----------------------- In File : Stdafx.h ------------------------------------------
    #import "c:\program files\common files\system\ado\msado15.dll" rename ("EOF",...
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    Re: MFC, Standard Microsoft GUI guidelines

    No. It doesn't.
    Make same size will change the size of all selected control, to the size of the "dominant control". The dominant control is the control that has some small black boxes on its...
  3. Thread: Variable

    by budihartanto

    Re: Variable

    You can't use scanf to get more than one word. If you want to get more than one word then use "gets"
    for example:

    char password[32];
    printf("Input Password :");
  4. Re: How to use timer as an ocx?

    Thanks a lot for all replies.
    Yes, I missed something in my program, that make it didn't work.

    It works now.
  5. How to get assistance when programming ADO?

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to accessing database using ADO in VC++ 6.0. Problem is, when I type the ADO Object command, the intellisense doesn't give a good help. For example when I type this code:

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    [RESOLVED] VC# will substitute VC++?

    Hi All,

    I'm a VC++ programmer (and an educator). Currently, I'm using VC++ 6.0, and intend to move to VC++ .Net. However, I'm considering about using VC# instead of VC++ .Net.

    I have a...
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    Re: Using a dialog as an ocx

    It explains thing that I need.
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    Re: edit control

    Just adding information from Cilu.
    All of the mechanism (adding variable and connecting it to the control ID - using DDX mechanism), can be performed easily using ClassWizard - on the Member...
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    Re: Using a dialog as an ocx

    As a matter of fact, that's the exactly ocx that I like to create. Unfortunately, the above link, didn't give any explanation about the technique to create the ocx (not to use it).

    So, my problem...
  10. Re: How to use timer as an ocx?

    Thanks for the reply.
    For detail information, I used MFC ActiveX control wizard as the framework of my ocx.

    For example, I want to display a number that will increase by one, for each second.
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    Re: Using a dialog as an ocx

    The problem is, I like to create an ocx, A digital clock ocx. Therefore other programmer can create a digital clock, by just draging my ocx control into a dialog box. If possible, I like to use a...
  12. fix your source code

    Unfortunately, your attached source code, can't be read (it looses all the break line, and become just one very long line of code). If you could re-send your source code (with a break line of...
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    [RESOLVED] Using a dialog as an ocx

    Hi All,

    Currently, i'm trying to learn about creating OCX in Ms.Visual C++. All books that I've read always giving me an example about drawing something in the OnDraw function of class CxxxCtrl...
  14. [RESOLVED] How to use timer as an ocx?

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to create a digital clock as an ocx (related to my previous question). And I just realize that I can't use timer in class CxxxCtrl (xxx is the name of the project. CxxxCtrl is...
  15. Why Intellisense didn't work for member function of COleControl

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to create a digital clock as an ocx. However, I found out that the intellisense can't show any information when I typed the member function from COleControl class. Since I typed...
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