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  1. DateTimePicker Control differences between XP and Windows 7 MonthCalendar Control

    Hi i'm just wonderinf if under windows 7 you can use the same styled month calendar as in windows XP, the one under windows 7 appears to be wider and done in a different font.

    Any help?
  2. Need help improving performance of InitialiseComponent/LoadComponent

    I'm writing a WPF project which needs to display a 12x12 grid containing a kind of ticket object.
    Each ticket is named Ticket1, Ticket2, Ticket3, etc so i can reference them from code.

  3. ListView / DataGridView with multiple rows in the header


    I'm using Visual Studio 2005 and i'm trying to achieve a list view / datagrid with the following structure

    | Category Heading 1 | Category Heading 2 |...
  4. Replies

    Window Redraw Issue

    I have an application that pops up a modal dialog box during a long calculation. This dialog box is supposed to show the progress during the calculation. this works fine so long as the user does...
  5. Obtaining the calling application name from within a DLL?

    I've got a DLL which is used between 7 applications which provides the main shared functionality between these applications (eg setting user names, passwords etc), however I have a bug somewhere in...
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