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  1. Re: Flashing DataGrid Cell - How to do it properly

    Happy to help
  2. Re: Flashing DataGrid Cell - How to do it properly

    After spending a few more hours on this matter I've found a way of doing it using a style.

    In resources you define a style. The style must target TextBlock (I guess underlaying control in a...
  3. Flashing DataGrid Cell - How to do it properly


    I am developing an application that requires showing data in a datagrid and having a "flashing" animation when the value of a cell changes.

    My (business object) class implements the...
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    Re: Netowrk "Routing" Algorithm

    Hi Zachm,

    Thanks for the input!

    To your experience, by how much would the A* be fater the Dijkstra's? Would anyone be fast enough to search a few 1000s node's graph in a matter of seconds?
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    Netowrk "Routing" Algorithm


    I have a task at work relating finding the two shortest paths with enough capacity between two nodes in a network. The two paths can not contain the same nodes.

    The distance between...
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