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    Re: Gaussian Rationals??

    Hi and welcome to the forums.
    When posting code, please use the
    tags - they will keep existing code formatting and help others read your code.

    Now, about your question - um... what exactly...
  2. Re: Obj.Orient. Structure question newbie/intermediate

    In addition to what Arjay said, let me just add a few thoughts. Your "manager" classes can do more than just store a list of things - as long as it conceptually makes sense, and as long as the...
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    Re: What should I be doing differently?

    So far, this peace of code doesn't really do anything:

    Private Sub lstNames_SelectedIndexChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles lstNames.SelectedIndexChanged
    Dim query = From...
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    Re: Concatenate images - H E L P

    Well, the main thing is to figure out how you'll arrange those images, both within a row, and the rows themselves. What you would do is collect all the rectangles in some list-like container...
  5. Re: How to access a managed 2D array in C++ *without* making a deep copy?

    Here's what I've found on this page.

    It seems that you can simply pin an arbitrary element of the array outside of your loop, and the entire array will be pinned - so you don't really need...
  6. Re: SLOWING DOWN NumericUpDown control increments

    Oh, I was switching among several tabs, didn't see you've answered already - and you gave it quite a bit more thought than I did.

    Right - I forgot that the user input will still update the...
  7. Thread: P = np

    by TheGreatCthulhu

    Re: P = np

    Superbonzo, awesome post/topic! :D

    A few points:

    They are transition probabilities, but the "conditional" part is most likely not true - the process where one state collapses into some other...
  8. Re: SLOWING DOWN NumericUpDown control increments

    It seems that the NumericUpDownAcceleration objects within the collection returned by the Accelerations property do not change the number of ValueChanged events per second, but rather determine by...
  9. Re: if then statement and switch statement

    Yeah, me to, and in general it's a good thing to do because it helps the client developer debug his own code, rather than hide the error that might come back with a revenge. But, there are specific...
  10. Re: if then statement and switch statement

    Yes, but note that if you are range-checking client input, then you have to decide what to do if the input is invalid (throw exception, use default value, ignore, etc.) - so if you look at it from...
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    Re: N-Tier C# Master Detail member

    You are, of course, correct, but I think the OP is not really looking for an existing solution/framework, and rather wants to learn and understand the inner workings of such architectures.

  12. Re: if then statement and switch statement

    But note that, depending on how you construct your code, even using enums can give you the same error. Enums can be type-casted from integers, and so can end up having values you didn't specify in...
  13. Re: Button/busyindicator in other than Click Event

    If BusyIndicator is an instance variable or a property, then it's because those two methods, GetDriveAndFile() and CRCChecker(), are static.
    If you can change the code of those methods, then either...
  14. Re: need an Opinion about how to start this project i`m practicing..

    Well, we normally can't tell if you have mistakes without knowing what the system is supposed to do and how it's supposed to function in more detail - because there's no one specific design that is...
  15. Re: Synchronizing a function with the message loop?

    I think you could use the same approach video games use - they basically let the message loop run as fast as possible, getting (and making) status updates on each iteration. So your program is just...
  16. Re: Array Assignment and Memory Management

    BTW, to make a copy of a list, you must do it explicitly (or in general, for other data structures, use a method that does it, if one is provided - but make sure to read the docs to know how deep the...
  17. Re: looking for exercises to practice interfaces on c#

    To understand interfaces you first need to have at least some idea of the concept of type abstraction (generalisation), type derivation and specialization, and inheritance in object-oriented...
  18. Re: Array Assignment and Memory Management

    Arrays are reference types (like classes); this essentially means that largeFile is, conceptually, a pointer to the actual array (whatever the actual implementation is "under the hood"), except that...
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    Re: struct in memory explanation

    No, when you declare a struct, the same rules apply as when you declare a class - but they behave differently in a very specific way.
    To actually create your struct in memory, you have to create one...
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    Re: Is this tidy?

    Well, OK, I too feel that calling Dispose() inside a using block is redundant, but as far as calling Close() is concerned, although it is technically redundant as well, I disagree that it causes...
  21. Re: Help With attaching values to radio button.

    Keep it as simple as possible. There's no need to overthink it or invent some crazy optimization strategies at this point - if you can make the code more readable, more intuitive, and more bug free...
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    Re: Is this tidy?

    Yes, since SqlDataReader is a class (and not a struct), it is, in essence, returned by reference.
    In C#, classes are also known as reference types, because they are essentially managed pointers...
  23. Re: Noob Needs Direction - Dynamically Named Variables in C#

    Tested the code - it runs, and produces the output I expected, but I can't be sure if that is what you wanted.
    It occurred to me that it is possible that the "conditions" require some sort of...
  24. Re: Noob Needs Direction - Dynamically Named Variables in C#

    About var:

    I think a good general guideline is: use it if it helps avoid needless repetition.
    As in:

    var aDictionary = new Dictionary<string, List<DataItems>>();


  25. Re: Noob Needs Direction - Dynamically Named Variables in C#

    Ok, I went through your code and I think I see what you are trying to do, but you are making it more complicated than it needs to be, I think.

    In essence, you have a 2D array of inputs which...
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