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  1. would mvc be appropriate for this type of project?

    I'm working on a rss reader for a class project and I initially thought that I was going to use mvc. But now I'm not really sure.. According to my understanding, the model is used to represent data...
  2. Non-recursive insertion in binary search tree


    I'm trying rewrite the recursive insert method for a BST into a non-recursive one. But I'm having a bit of trouble, my code doesn't seem to actually insert the new node as it keeps returning...
  3. Re: How to test a WCF SyndicationFeed application?

    I've created it as a console app. But now it says "ServiceModel does not exist in the namespace System". So now I can't use the SyndicationFeed or Rss20FeedFormatter

    edit: Nevermind, I just had to...
  4. Re: How to test a WCF SyndicationFeed application?

    How are you running it? Did you first click debug and it opens it up in the browser? And are you using the port 8000 (my default IIS port is 58047 - should I change it)?

    Whenever I click debug it...
  5. Re: How to test a WCF SyndicationFeed application?

    Yes, like I mentioned in my post, I did that too but it didn't work..
  6. How to test a WCF SyndicationFeed application?

    I'm following this tutorial (link: on the Microsoft site, but it doesn't tell me how to test the application...

    When I run it in the...
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