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  1. Re: CListCtrl alignment of items & vertical scroll

    Also achieved programmatically through CListCtrl::SetView(LV_VIEW_DETAILS), which is equivalent to:
    DWORD dw = myListCtrl.GetStyle();
    assert(dw && LVS_REPORT);
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    Re: CListCtrl and LVN_ITEMACTIVATE

    Also interested in the answer to this post (even 13 yrs later!). Bump!
  3. Re: SHGetFolderLocation' : undeclared identifier

    FYI, I am also having SHGetFolderPath come up as an 'undeclared identifier'. I am running VC++ v6.0sp5 on W2Ksp1 with IEv5sp2. So, there really shouldn't be a problem, however this function does...
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