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  1. Beginner Question: Draw a Line within a class and inheritance

    I'm currently stuck in a exercise I'm doing and I fear I may be over thinking this, I'm trying to set up the code for a Line class and have two other Line classes each with their own thickness but...
  2. Re: New to C#! Arguments to Private Variables

    Thanks for the clear cut defination, I was thinking backwards it seems. The ironic part about this course is that we're learning C# before we get into unreal script. As for why he does setter/getters...
  3. New to C#! Arguments to Private Variables

    Hello, right now i'm learning C# and I need some one to clarify what my teachers trying to say. We have to make a simple score sheet which I did but not the way he wanted, we're suppose to have...
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    BattleShip Game Help (Urgent)

    I'm doing a project and wanted to see if anyone could help me (correct or better yet solve the answer), this is what I got so far.

    Simple Battleship.cpp

    #include "stdafx.h"
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