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    Re: Dispatcher Problem

    Thanks to Dino Viehland

    changing my dispatcher code to call the dispatcher directly fixes this issue

    dispatcher.BeginInvoke(System.Action(lambda *_: function(*args)))

    Unfortunately I no...
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    Dispatcher Problem

    Hi Chaps

    I have attempted to purloin some of the code shipped with IP in Action and, following issues, I have even gone to the lengths of reading the book!

    I am getting the error 'expect...
  3. Re: Entity Framework Lists, Static Resources and Filtering a BindingListCollectionVie

    Thanks Arjay

    tried the code and it worked 2nd time around, 1st time null! Unfortunately the underlying data binding is not completed when the event (driven by a change in the main dependency...
  4. Entity Framework Lists, Static Resources and Filtering a BindingListCollectionView


    my view model has a dependency property ActiveWellLocation which is an ADO.Net Entity framework object, wellLocation, which is associated with wellSample which has an associated list...
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