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    function template

    Write a function template contains that accepts an array of the parameterized type, the number of elements in the array (an integer), and a value of the parameterized type, and returns true if the...
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    [RESOLVED] Help writing code.

    value Write a function, contains, that accepts an array of integers, the number of elements in the array and an integer value, and returns a boolean value indicating whether the value appears as an...
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    [RESOLVED] Constructor

    Assume the existence of a Phone class with a constructor that accepts two parameters: a string for the phone number followed by a boolean representing whether the phone provides added-value services....
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    Re: Help with building a code....

    thanks for the input but this isn't done on visual studio, the program is compile using where we dont have to include the header files and main int()
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    Help with building a code....

    i have this problem:

    Write a fragment of code that reads in a header value from the standard input and then reads in that many integers (also from standard input) and prints their sum to...
  6. Re: You don't seem to be initializing the amount data member properly.

    facepalm on i seriously thought i initialize amount in the constructor but that was just capacity. thank you when i did this i was half asleep it seems, thanks again.
  7. You don't seem to be initializing the amount data member properly.

    I need help I cant find why amount is not initializing properly, here is the problem:

    Write the implementation (.cpp file) of the GasTank class of the previous exercise. The full specification...
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    invalid conversion from 'int*' to 'int'

    can you guys help fix this error plz

    Im using myprogramming lab,
    the problem is this:
    The variables arr1 and arr2 have been declared as pointers to integers. An array of 10 elements has been...
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