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  1. Re: Breaking up large class into manageable source files

    C++/CLI form designer places all code to h-file, and creates .cpp file with a single line #include "Form1.h" This is because it works by the same algorithm as C# and VB .NET designer. You can move...
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    Re: Opinions on my get/set approach

    Unreadable and undebuggable. Just use plain C++ code for every property. Don't forget that get functions are usually defined as const.
  3. Re: Copying one bmp file to another using fstream, Access violation reading location

    ofs_differential.write((char*)picture, ...);

    picture is already pointer, remove unnecessary &
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    Re: unfamiliar function declaration

    Yes, these two declarations are the same, and in this context there is no need to use the first one (though the code is correct). auto return type with -> return-type syntax is used in templates. ...
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    Re: Fill Array with even numbers only

    You can add internal loop and call rand until it generates desired number - odd or even.
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    Re: Child Window on top of control

    Probably you can explain this better, I don't think somebody can understand your question.
  7. Re: Erorr asigning pointer to iterator ( only after porting to VS2013 )

    OK, you can replace IncBuffer.insert with the code from my first post. Is there some problem with this?
  8. Re: Erorr asigning pointer to iterator ( only after porting to VS2013 )

    So, you need to add some buffer (char*) to vector. I don't see any reason to use vector iterator for reading plain char array. Please show some more code to get an advice how to rewrite it. For...
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    Re: How long is your build?

    7 min 16 sec 34 ms
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    Re: Unable to pass arguments to DLL function

    This is not mangling, it just causes GetProcAddress to fail. Maybe calling convention. Anyway, instead of these explanations, please post your code.
  11. Re: How to determine cross platform type during file save?

    Maybe you can detect whether lpszPathName is a network path, and then ask user to select line-end type. If file name is local, save with Windows line-ends.
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    Re: Incorrect result in Bitwise operations

    What is initial data[j] value?
    Can you reduce this sample to single line of code, with hard-coded j value, which is supposed to give some result, but gives something else?
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    Re: Question about this website

    This code doesn't worth to copy it. Don't care.
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    Re: Unlcoking a mutex from crashed thread

    It is still not clear what do you mean by "crashed thread". Can you be more specific? Usually, when any thread in the process crashes, the whole process it terminated.
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    Re: Unlcoking a mutex from crashed thread

    It is not clear wht do you mean here: task got crashed. If exception is unhandled, the whole program crashes. If exception is caught, here is the place to release the mutex.
  16. Re: How to convert a C# module into an unmanaged C++ dll?

    Automatic conversion doesn't exist. If your target platform is Windows, you can add .NET support to existing VC++ project. This converts the project to C++/CLI. Then add reference to C# library and...
  17. Thread: cpu ID

    by Alex F

    Re: cpu ID

    Thread doesn't run always on the same core. When thread resumes its execution, it may be executed on any available core.
  18. Re: What technologies to use for modern Windows client development?

    According to your program description, I don't see any reason to use C++ at all. If you don't need to write cross-platform code, C# + WPF is the best choice. Additionally, C# is much better for...
  19. Re: Developing Unmanaged aplications in VS2013 to Work Just Like VC6 Did

    To run VC++application on computer without Visual Studio it is necessary to install Visual C++ 2013 Runtime:
    You can also make...
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    Re: Creating a Grid?

    Use online C++ compiler, better than Notepad:
  21. Re: How do you make this bit of code compatible with both debug and release builds?

    You have different Character set (Multi-byte - Unicode) in Debug and Release configurations.
  22. Re: Calling a DLL written in VC++.NET Native Code from a VB.NET project

    DllImport is correct way to call native function from VB .NET. Better to avoid full path: "C:\_MOPEKS\ ..." and leave only Dll name. Place Dll to .exe directory, current directory or make it...
  23. Re: Debug a Native DLL written in VC++.NET 2010 Express called from a VB.NET .exe fil

    Debugging from VB .NET, ensure that debugger type is Mixed.
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    Re: Moving from VC++ 6.0 to VC++.NET

    1. Unlike VB6 - VB .NET, C++ remains the same language. Conversion is pretty straightforward - open old VC++ project in new Visual Studio, fix all compilation, build and runtime errors. I don't know...
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    Re: Moving from VC++ 6.0 to VC++.NET

    2. Yes, in native C++, but not in x64 build. You can, however, compile Assembly modules and link them with C++ modules. As mentioned before, it is much better to write this stuff in C++.

    3, Yes,...
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