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    Menubar combined with toolbar

    Is there any Java component that combines ideas of menubar and toolbar?
    Something like top panel in the attachment:


    (buttons "previous", "next", "home", etc...)
  2. Re: “User Desktop” in Java - framework needed

    But does it have something like JDesktopPane in Swing?
  3. “User Desktop” in Java - framework needed

    Hello there!

    I'm looking for a framework to make virtual desktop for users in Java SE application. Something like JDesktopPane in Swing but more advanced.

    Needs are simple:

    user can...
  4. [J2SE] Image browser with pan-and-zoom effect

    Hi everyone,

    I want to make an image browser similar to eog, geeqie or glslideshow on Linux. In addition It needs to implement a pan-and-zoom effect (in other words: Ken Burns effect).
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