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  1. JavaScript Re: Finally get rid of tags containing global variable

    What is the point of this post? It's just jibberish in it's current state. Are you trying to ask for help? If so, what exactly is your question?
  2. PHP Re: Using PHP code from a plugin within a wordpress page

    Please remember to keep your posts relevant kevin619. This thread is already 5 months old and from an original poster who has not spent any other time in these forums.
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    Re: How to add a Row to a table dynamically

    Welcomd to the forums, Pradeep_Pol! :wave:

    Please remember to keep your posts relevant. This thread is almost 10 years old! And when you have a question to ask, please create a new thread to ask...
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    Re: [JavaScript] Dynamic table

    Can you please explain yourself more?
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    JavaScript Re: Append generated text

    Clearly you are using a framework and not just straight JavaScript to accomplish this.

    What is the HTML setting/code before your desired alteration?
    Is there a reason you are using a...
  6. xHTML Re: Different Table Cell sizes and colors

    Sorry this reply is so late. I'm still without internet in my home... ;)

    Unfortunately, such a layout is not possible with tables (and neither floating divs for that matter). Too much overlapping...
  7. Re: [RESOLVED] [MySQL] Data from 2 tables ORDER BY issue

    Nevermind. I ended up doing a LEFT JOIN instead.

    SELECT * FROM mam01_user LEFT JOIN mam01_nicks ON = mam01_nicks.user ORDER BY mam01_user.lastseen DESC LIMIT 10
  8. [RESOLVED] [MySQL] Data from 2 tables ORDER BY issue

    I want to get data from 2 tables...easy! Works as it should.

    SELECT mam01_user.*, (SELECT nick FROM mam01_nicks WHERE user = ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1) AS player FROM mam01_user,...
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    Re: HTML Keypad...

    Welcome to the forums, wellverzed. :wave:

    Please remember to keep your posts relevant. This thread is over 5 years old!
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    JavaScript Re: Retrieving Information From An API

    Since we did not make the API nor work for them, we really cannot help you. You need to use the contact section and ask for their direct help. Sorry.
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    JavaScript Re: Help with scripting - drop down box

    On the contrary, you can do a lot via CSS (which you then mention and seem to take a different position).

    Welcome to the forums, rebrov85! :wave: What exactly are you trying to apply style wise?...
  12. CSS Re: CSS3 Animations - going into normal HTML

    1. The alert comes at the end because it's JavaScript, while your animations are CSS3. Unless you trigger the animations with JavaScript, you will not be able to change the timing.

    2. What button...
  13. JavaScript Re: How to load value to text field when choose value in select

    The solution you need is JavaScript, not PHP. First you need to do a minor update to your <select>

    <select id="chedo" onchange="updateTextInput(this)">

    After that, then it's a simple...
  14. JavaScript Re: How to load value to text field when choose value in select

    [ moved thread ]
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    JavaScript Re: Online quote scipt

    You already have the math completely done in the first post. All you have to do is get the input now.

    Start with a simple prompt window.

  16. Re: CMS vs purely Custom, for complex website

    CMSs is much more than just an article and content manager. They started out that way, but have come a long, long way since those days. Going with Joomla, Wordpress, or Drupal would already have...
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    Perl Re: Problem with IndigoMail

    This would be an issue to take up with their tech support.
  18. PHP Re: Select List keep selected value after auto submit

    You need to create a selected attribute for the on that matches.

    <option <?php if ($_POST['inteu_06'] == $row_Recordset1['inteu_06']) {?> selected="selected"<?php } ?> value="<?php echo...
  19. PHP Re: Select List keep selected value after auto submit

    [ moved thread ]
  20. JavaScript Re: Query String Parameter - how to send method

    Not via the URL. If you were to open it via another window, you could use window.onload....
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    Perl Re: Testing a string for a substring

    Rather than use index, you can just use a case insensitive regular expression match.

    if ($string =~/findme/i) {
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    JavaScript Re: onunload not working as expected in IE10

    That's because IE10 is finally increasing it's security. Allowing execution of code at page leave is a huge cause of intrusive code.
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    CSS Re: CSS Displays Differently in Browsers

    Hannes is right!

    Also, from the design standpoint...there's a reason why no one uses marquees anymore...because people don't like them. Information scrolls across causing the eyes to follow a...
  24. JavaScript Re: how do I detect if user logined using my login button or login from facebook?

    Unless a Facebook API is giving you the login referrer, there would be no way to find that out.
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    JavaScript Re: JQuery- Read value from C# Dictionary

    You can't directly. jQuery is a JavaScript framework (client-side) whereas C# would be compiled by the server into a web application (server-side). You can pass data through GET and POST, but other...
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